Assistant Director, Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts

Date Posted: June 3, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Westmont College
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
Other Details

Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Institute directors, manages logistics for all Gaede Institute programs for church audiences (Trailhead, Frontiers, the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities, and the Young Adult Leadership Lab) and supports other Gaede Institute initiatives. Assists with project development and evaluation.


  • Under the supervision of the respective directors, facilitate church-facing Institute initiatives (Trailhead, Frontiers, the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities, and the Young Adult Leadership Lab), including planning, marketing, implementation and evaluation;
  • Develop and execute processes for program registration, promotion, and correspondence;
  • Utilizing the Salesforce and Marketing Cloud platforms, manage data related to Trailhead, Frontiers, the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities, and the Young Adult Leadership Lab;
  • Manage logistical details of multiple large and complex projects simultaneously;
  • Supervise logistics for all church-facing Institute initiatives, including campus resources, external services, and temporary student labor;
  • Implement processes for program budgeting and financial tracking;
  • Prepare financial reports for grant-funded projects;
  • Supervise and mentor student fellows serving with the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities;
  • Serve as the primary administrative contact for program applicants, participants, and alumni;
  • Support church teams as a liaison for the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities and the Young Adult Leadership Lab;
  • Assist with cultivating networks of pastors, lay leaders, high school personnel and community partners to support and contribute to Gaede Institute programs.
  • Maintain and enhance the Gaede Institute websites and other public-facing materials;
  • Create and sustain relationships with other departments and with outside organizations;
  • Expectations for workplace demeanor include but are not limited to: working collaboratively and harmoniously with co-workers, customers and others by sharing ideas and resources willingly, constructively and positively; listening to and objectively and respectfully considering the ideas and perspectives of others; readily admitting and correcting personal mistakes; meeting commitments; keeping your supervisor and others who may be affected informed about work progress; addressing problems willingly and constructively to discover practical and lasting solutions acceptable to all parties; working promptly toward reconciliation and forgiveness during conflict; respecting the diversity of our community in words and deeds;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

How To Apply

Please visit the Westmont College website for application instructions.