Assistant Pastor

Date Posted: December 2, 2022
Hours Per Week: 35-40
New York City, NY, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
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Assistant Pastor for Youth and Young Adults

 Job Description

This job description outlines the responsibilities of the Assistant Pastor. The Assistant Pastor assists the Pastor and the Church in various ministries and can become involved in other ministry areas as opportunities and needs arise. The primary function of this position is to plan, administer and supervise a comprehensive youth ministry (6th to 12th grade). The secondary function of this position is to develop a small group ministry for young adults (college age to 35 years old). The Assistant Pastor also provides spiritual oversight to the congregation, especially on matters related to youth and young adults.

The Assistant Pastor will be supervised day-to-day by someone designated by the Elder Board (e.g. Pastor) and is ultimately accountable to the Elder Board. The Pastor will assist in the development of the Assistant Pastor by mentoring and training. The Assistant Pastor will meet with the pastoral staff members and the Elder and Deacon Boards on a regular basis.

Youth Ministry

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Pastor is to work with and develop a plan of ministry to the junior high school and high school aged fellowships.

  • Work with the Pastor, Elder Board and church leadership to develop a comprehensive and growing youth ministry vision for our church.
  • Meet, train and lead the youth ministry team.
  • Provide direction for each fellowship group and disciple and encourage the young people to grow spiritually.
  • Intentionally and appropriately build relationships with the youth to invest in their spiritual lives.
  • Share the gospel and encourage our young people to make decisions to live for Jesus Christ.
  • Work with youth on church worship services (youth only and/or church-wide).
  • Develop an outreach strategy for youth.
  • Be involved with Christian Education by teaching a Sunday School class.
  • Participate in Vacation Bible School as needed.
  • Provide leadership development for youth.
  • Encourage, lead and train youth on evangelism, and service and outreach projects.
  • Plan, organize and lead a youth missions trip.
  • Plan, organize and lead a youth retreat (or coordinate with other Christian organizations or churches as appropriate).
  • Communicate regularly with parents about events, programs, spiritual development, leadership training, etc.

Young Adults

  • Develop and oversee a comprehensive small group ministry that will reach young adults (College age to 35 years old).
  • Build relationships with young adults to effectively assimilate them into the life of the church.
  • Develop and oversee a comprehensive small group ministry that will reach college students.
  • Implement an outreach strategy to local college students and college campuses.


  • Work with the Pastor(s), the Elder and Deacon Boards and other church leadership to develop and promote the mission and vision of our church.
  • Provide pastoral care and shepherd families of children, the youth and young adults.
  • Assist the Pastor to administer baptism, baptismal/membership classes and communion services.
  • Assist the Pastor in visitation/counseling to include hospital, marriage, crisis and other counseling.
  • Assist Pastor with special events such as marriages, funerals, baby dedications, etc.
  • Provide coverage for the Pastor as needs arise.
  • Assist in pulpit ministry and preach when called upon.
  • Represent CEMCQ at other church meetings (internal and external) as called upon.

Office Hours and Other Responsibilities

  • Maintain regular office hours and be available for counseling and general administrative duties as necessary.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings with church staff.
  • Attend monthly Elder Board meetings and other meetings as needed or requested.
  • Present a report to the congregation at the annual congregation meeting.
  • Provide ministerial and other support as needed and when available in emergency situations.
  • Maintain faithful attendance and participation at all church functions as appropriate including worship services, prayer meetings and select committee meetings.
  • Take part in evaluations by the Elder Board.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or Elder Board.


  • Maintain a vibrant and growing personal walk with the Lord through Bible study, prayer, personal accountability, etc.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between family and church responsibilities.
  • Financially support the ministries of the church by faithfully giving.

How To Apply

Candidates can call Jimmy at 718-801-1076 or email your resume to [email protected].