Assistant Pastor

Date Posted: April 12, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Redeemer Church, Lincoln Square
New York, NY, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Position: Assistant Pastor
FLSA Status: Exempt
Band: 8P
Department: Redeemer Lincoln Square
Reports to: Director of Discipleship
Date: March 2023
Hours worked: Full-Time; must work Sundays and some evenings.
Position Summary
This position is open to ordained ministers in the Presbyterian Church of America. This pastor will serve as the  Director of Justice, Mercy and Evangelism. This role touches on many important areas in the life of the Redeemer Lincoln Square (LSQ) congregation, including pastoral care, formation, Community Group (CG) support and care, mercy and justice, and leadership in Sunday worship services.

Each of these areas is pivotal to the flourishing of LSQ, so the Assistant Pastor will serve as a vital role on the staff team by offering care, leadership and support to a multitude of individuals in the Redeemer LSQ congregation and community. This position envisions a highly collaborative, dynamic, team-based approach to ministry within the Redeemer Lincoln Square staff team, across congregations and between staff and volunteers.

It is our desire that this person will lead a future church plant from Redeemer Lincoln Square in New York City. Though we do not guarantee this outcome it is our desire.  Therefore, we require the candidate chosen to complete City-to-City Church Planting Assessment before employment by Redeemer Lincoln Square.

Job Description

Pastoral Care – 10%

  • Serve as a pivotal part of Redeemer Lincoln Square’s pastoral team by overseeing execution of the pastoral care system.
    • Actively and regularly engage in pastoral care conversations and initiatives with members, congregants, CG members, lay-leaders and volunteers.
    • Monitor, oversee and update internal pastoral care document to track cases and ensure necessary follow-ups are happening by the pastoral team. Check-in regularly with other pastoral team members to ensure follow-ups take place in a timely manner.
    • Work alongside Assistant/Associate Pastor to help manage flow of pastoral care meetings and cases.
    • Take on pastoral cases as assigned.
  • Be available to provide pastoral care to lay-leaders, members, congregants and staff, as needed.
  • Manage pastoral care office hours for members with the help of the Ministry Coordinator.
    • Ensure available hours are updated online each month for pastoral office hours.
    • Participate in pastoral office hours by setting aside hours each week for members to book time.
  • Interface with and make referrals to Redeemer Counseling Services when appropriate.
  • Continually seek ways to train and grow all individuals on the LSQ team in how to care for congregants pastorally.
  • Work alongside the Ministry Coordinator to ensure pastoral issues that arise during 2Q meetings are immediately followed up with.
  • Work alongside the Communications Specialist to send sympathy or encouragement notes to congregants, as well as flowers, gift cards, etc. when a pastoral care situation requires it.

Justice and Mercy –30%

  • Serve as point person for broad Hope For New York initiatives, working with the LSQ Communications and Generosity Manager to clearly communicate opportunities to the congregation.
  • Actively participate on Redeemer’s Grace and Race leadership team.
  • Serve as the point person for mercy and justice within the LSQ community and staff.
  • Work with the Theologian-in-Residence to design and implement a system of justice care for LSQ.
Evangelism Formation –30%
  • Collaborate with the Director of Discipleship and Director of Community Life to develop TEN (The Evangelism Network) at LSQ.
  • Lead the LSQ congregation in developing missional connections with their friendships.
  • Develop a curriculum for training and empowering the congregation to think outwardly.
  • Work alongside Craig Ellis and other evangelists to create a culture of prayer at LSQ.
Teaching and Worship Leading–10%
  • Sunday Services:
    • Put together the liturgy each week for Sunday worship service in accordance with the set worship bulletin schedule.
    • Actively have a role during Sunday worship service, alongside the LSQ Pastor and Assistant Pastor by:
      • Regularly presiding over worship (~24x per year).
      • Preaching when needed (~2x per year).
      • Attending LSQ services to meet and care for congregants and newcomers.
      • When not assisting with or participating in Q&R, actively and intentionally participating in Coffee Hour and seeking out newcomers.
    • When not preaching or presiding over worship, prepare LSQ worship leaders for service by sharing language and LSQ best practices in collaboration with LSQ’s Communications Specialist.
  • Teaching:
    • Schedule and run Sunday School each Sunday by finding teachers, attending and following up with newcomers who are disconnected.
    • Participate in the conception, implementation and teaching of LSQ discipleship classes, including Catalyst 101, 201, 301, and 302.
    • Collaborate with other LSQ pastors in the membership process by teaching membership classes throughout the year and conducting membership interviews.
Faith and Work –10%
  • Teach and pastor the weekly LSQ cohort of the Gotham Fellowship, as a component of the larger LSQ discipleship pathway.
  • Build and maintain relationships with current Gotham participants, as well as past Gotham alum who are congregants at Redeemer Lincoln Square.
  • Build and maintain relationships with LSQ members who could serve as professional mentors to both current Gotham Fellows and Gotham alum.
  • Shepherd, counsel, and pastorally care for current and past Gotham participants to serve in the areas of:
    • Redeemer Lincoln Square as church members and lay-leaders.
    • Their workplaces through intentionality, innovation and collaboration in their daily jobs.
    • The Redeemer LSQ Gotham Community by assisting with other CFW ministries, participating in the alumni community, and pouring into future Gotham cohorts.
  • Assist in CFW’s vocational classes and/or groups.
    • Recruit LSQ congregants.
    • Teach classes.
    • Pastorally care for teachers/leaders who are affiliated with LSQ.
Community Group Support and Care –10%
  • In collaboration with the Director of Community Life, care for and support the Redeemer Lincoln Square Community Group System.
    • Work with the Director of Community Life to make contact monthly with all CG leaders and hosts to check-in and care for them pastorally, and to train, encourage and motivate them to build and grow a gospel-centered, missionally driven, and culturally engaged community at Lincoln Square.
    • Collaborate with the Director of Community Life to write LSQ-specific studies when necessary.
  • Through meetings with congregants and the teaching of membership and Catalyst classes, identify and recruit future Community Group leaders.
  • Assist the Director of Community Life in developing and teaching in-depth trainings for new and existing Community Groups leaders and hosts.
  • Support the men’s Community Groups, and work alongside the LSQ Children’s Ministry Director to care for any dad’s groups that get started.
  • Provide pastoral care to CG members as necessary.
  • Need to embrace LSQ’s vision and have a gospel-oriented heart for New York City.
  • Candidate should be ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America or actively in the process to be and be aligned with the core theological principles of Redeemer, including its core ministry values.
  • Minimum 4 years of college and theological degree from an accredited seminary or equivalent.
  • Must be a dependable, team player and entrepreneurial self-starter with ability to take initiative.
  • Strong problem solving and pastoral skills required.
  • Ability to mobilize and support lay volunteers, provide pastoral counsel and gather people required.
  • Minimum four years of full-time adult ministry in an urban context.
  • Previous experience in multi-ethnic environments strongly preferred.
  • Work hours are generally flexible yet must be available for evening and weekend meetings.
Skills & Experiences
Excellent organizational, pastoral, communication and interpersonal skills. Proficient in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and online applications (Google docs, Facebook, etc.). Ability to work collaboratively, as job performance will be measured in part on ability to support and interface with other ministries and congregations. Commitment to understanding and spending significant time in the Lincoln Square area of Manhattan in order to better understand its distinctiveness as a context for ministry.
Salary Range: $110,000 – $120,000 / year
The wage range for this role takes into account the wide range of factors that are considered in making compensation decisions including but not limited to skill set; experience and training; licensure, certifications, and ordination; and other organizational needs.

How To Apply

Apply using this link: https://lsq.apscareerportal.com/j/01pzcgx.