Assistant Pastor of Adult Ministries

Date Posted: March 17, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40+
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Newport Beach, CA, USA
Job Type: Adult Pastor
Other Details

Department: Build
Reports to: Lead Pastor/Head of Staff
FLSA Status: Exempt

Prepared Date: March 3, 2021

The Assistant Pastor is responsible to provide pastoral leadership for the ministry and mission of St. Andrew’s in partnership with the staff and lay leadership. Responsibilities are oversight of the Women’s ministry, and other Adult Build ministries such as small groups and spiritual formation, and also to serve on the pastoral team for the congregation. The specific areas of responsibility are: BUILD ministries, lead all facets of the women’s ministry, serve as member of senior leadership and Cabinet, and serve as a pastor to the congregation and community at large.

Reporting directly to the Lead Pastor/Head of Staff, the Assistant Pastor participates in leadership and support of the vision and mission of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. By working in partnership with every St. Andrew’s department, the Assistant Pastor is committed to aligning with and fully living into every aspect of the vision, expressly dedicated to the centrality of faith being centered on knowing, trusting, loving, and following Jesus Christ as King and embodying a commitment to proclaiming the gospel in word and deed, living a lifestyle of care and healing, and participating in God’s inbreaking kingdom reign of mercy and justice. The Lead Pastor/Head of Staff may assign additional duties and responsibilities on a temporary or regular basis, such as participation in worship services, teaching, pastoral care, missions, and any other ministerial responsibilities as called upon. The Assistant Pastor also maintains a lifestyle and ministry consistent with the Scriptures and essential tenets of St. Andrew’s and ECO.


  • Co-Lead Adult BUILD ministries
    o Meet regularly with elders and staff, and individual lay leadership and volunteers
    o Recruit, support, lead, train, and nurture lay leadership and volunteers
    o In partnership with the other relevant staff and elders, determine and manage budget
    o Speak and teach as appropriate
    o Ensure that all aspects of Adult BUILD ministries reflect a commitment to excellence in strategy, practices, and theology, aligning with the St. Andrew’s vision and mission, bylaws and ECO tenets and commitments
  • Serve as member of senior leadership and Cabinet
    o Under leadership of the Lead Pastor/Head of Staff, work in collaboration with senior department leaders overseeing the mission and ministry of the overall church
    o Lead and serve with other departments when called upon and appropriate
    o Pray for, encourage, and support all aspects of the life and ministry of St. Andrew’s
  • Serve as a pastor to the congregation and community
    o Participate as a member of Session as an ordained and called Teaching Elder
    o Perform both formal (e.g., baptisms) and informal (e.g., community prayer) pastoral duties when called upon
    o Speak, preach, and teach
    o Participate in pastoral services to those in need, working with deacons and elders as appropriate (e.g., visitation, counseling)


  • Education shall include bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from an accredited theological seminary in biblical or theological studies
  • Experience shall include appropriate hands-on ministry experience and mentoring
  • Holds theological alignment with and adheres to the Essential Tenets of ECO and will be ordained, if not already, as an ECO pastor

How To Apply

Apply Directly At: https://sapres.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=39