Assistant Pastor

Date Posted: November 13, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Westminister Presbyterian Church
Laurel, MS, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor,Support Position
Other Details

Westminster Presbyterian Church
Assistant Pastor
Laurel, MS

Denomination: Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Weekly Attendance: 150

Location: Laurel, MS

The Role: Assistant Pastor

Westminster EPC building

Meet Westminster Presbyterian Church:

Westminster Presbyterian Church is a multi-generational covenant family of believers called by God to fulfill His purposes here in Laurel, and as a staging ground for worldwide kingdom growth where we seek to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ – to fill the earth with disciples, subdue it redemptively for God’s glory, and worship Him joyfully.

Our name describes us well. The EPC is both evangelical and Presbyterian. We are evangelical in our zeal for the gospel, as well as evangelism, missions, and living obediently as followers of Jesus. At the same time, we are rooted deeply in the Protestant Reformation and especially the theological and pastoral work of John Calvin. We embrace the Westminster Confession of Faith as our doctrinal standard, and the rule of spiritually mature elders linked together regionally as the best way to guide local congregations.

When the EPC started in 1981, we determined that we would not disagree on the basic essentials of the Christian faith, but on anything that was not essential—such as the issue of ordaining women as officers or practicing charismatic gifts—we would give each other liberty. Above all, we committed ourselves to loving each other and not engaging in quarrels and strife. The result is that when we get together in our regional and national meetings, we spend most of our time in worship and fellowship and almost none in arguing with each other.

The EPC consists of more than 600 churches with approximately 145,000 members. We have a world missions program with a priority on sending missionaries to unreached people groups. We are eager to plant churches across the United States and especially in urban communities and college towns. Our desire is that every one of our congregations will be an outpost of the Kingdom, with every member viewing himself or herself as a missionary on a mission.

About the Assistant Pastor:

The Assistant Pastor will engage every stage of life at Westminster Presbyterian Church. This role will need to do well with engaging people, leading/equipping volunteers, and getting people connected. They will help restart youth ministry and build up leadership. It will require strong team management. The Assistant Pastor will be a discipler of people and will assist in the church’s growth both numerically and spiritually. This person will also raise up other leaders under him to assist in the continual growth of the church. This role will ensure that church activities and involvement in those activities are healthy and growing.

Westminster Presbyterian Team, The Assistant Pastor’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Restart youth and teach biblical principles.
  • Disciple and train potential leaders.
  • Improve upon an existing system to encourage spiritual growth in the lives of church members.
  • Oversee small groups and ensure numerical and spiritual growth and consistency in attendance.
  • Develop creative solutions in moving the church forward.
  • Help develop a curriculum for all stages that will be challenging and engaging.
  • Support the mission and vision of Westminster Presbyterian Church.
  • Build relationships with students and parents.
  • Establish himself as a Biblically sound teacher.
  • Establish trusting relationships.
  • Able to craft lessons that are deep, challenging, and on different levels.
  • Start building up the volunteer team.
  • Able to navigate tough conversations with students and parents.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Community, What You Bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Assistant Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor degree – required.
  • Seminary degree – preferred.
  • 5 – 7 years of church experience.
  • EPC ordained or ordainable.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Model and encourage spiritual growth, proper personal priorities, and healthy relationships.
  • Is a great communicator of God’s Word.
  • Is a trusted leader, has a passion for college students, and has an ability to lead a team to multiply a movement of students reaching and discipling other students for Christ.
  • Effectively lead the student ministry’s 3 areas of focus:
    • Connection – Community building social and service events.
    • Discipleship – Intentional discipleship opportunities including, Wednesday night Student Ministry gatherings, student discipleship groups, etc.
    • Mission – Evangelism among peers and on trips, making disciples of others.
  • Continually develop volunteer leaders so they increasingly grow in their vision for and effectiveness in discipling students.
  • Support parents in their role as the primary disciple-makers of their children.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to connect with a multi-generational population.
  • Personal Characteristics & Qualifications
  • Passionately loves Jesus.
  • Committed to having a dedicated walk with God that prioritizes both church and family.
  • Consistently exhibits a Christlike character.
  • Humble and teachable.
  • Passionate about student ministry.
  • Has a very strong work ethic.
  • Good sense of humor.
  • Deep understanding of the Word of God.
  • Able to connect with people from all walks of life.
  • Has an authentic, genuine spirit in their faith, work, and relationships.
  • Pastor to the people.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Gathering, What it’s Like to Live in Laurel, MS:

First settled by renegades and those on the fringes of society, this little village in the “Free State of Jones” would soon find a place in history all her own. As the Eastman, Gardiner, and Rogers families came down the rail lines from Iowa, they would settle in what would seem like just another stump-riddled encampment dotted with flowering Laurel bushes, deep in the Yellow Pine forests of South Mississippi. Through their ingenuity and the support of the local settlers, they would build on the back of a sawmill a bustling city that would come to boast her place as the “Yellow Pine Capital of the World.” Crafted brick by brick and sapling by sapling into a shining beacon of arts, music, culture and the epitome of true southern hospitality, the little town in the woods became something else altogether.

Today the “City Beautiful,” whispers her tales of inventions and innovations that would transform industries, and of citizens who continue to shine a light all their own through the branches of the towering pines. The City of Laurel, established as a lumber town in 1882, is conveniently situated approximately two hours from larger destination cities such as Jackson, Biloxi, New Orleans, and Mobile. In recent years, the city has become a destination all its own thanks, in part, to its starring role in HGTV’s popular “Hometown” series.

Living in Laurel, MS, offers a host of positive aspects that make it an attractive place to call home. One of the most compelling aspects of life in Laurel is its strong sense of community. Residents here genuinely care for one another, fostering a tight-knit environment where neighbors become like family. The warmth and hospitality of the southern culture are deeply ingrained in the fabric of daily life, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere for newcomers and long-time residents alike. This sense of community is further enhanced by the numerous local events, festivals, and gatherings that bring people together to celebrate their shared heritage and interests.

Another advantage of living in Laurel is the town’s rich historical and cultural heritage. As the home of numerous historical landmarks, museums, and preserved buildings, residents have ample opportunities to learn about their town’s past and take pride in its roots. The town’s strong commitment to preserving its history and embracing its cultural traditions adds a unique charm and authenticity to everyday life. Additionally, Laurel’s natural beauty, with its lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, offers a serene and peaceful environment for residents to enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature. This combination of a close-knit community, a rich cultural heritage, and the beauty of the natural surroundings makes living in Laurel, MS, a truly enriching and rewarding experience.