Assistant Worship Leader

Date Posted: July 19, 2023
Hours Per Week: 20
Midtown Fellowship Church
Nashville, TN, USA
Job Type: Support Position,Worship Pastor
Other Details

The goal of the Assistant Worship Leader is to help craft and lead weekly congregational
worship services & develop and oversee a team of worship volunteers.

The Assistant Worship Leader will work closely with the Worship Director, the 12 South
core team, and the worship co-op of the larger midtown movement on a weekly basis to
support the growth of the midtown movement at 12 South. The position will entail a high level of musical and technical proficiency as well as leadership and organizational skills.

The goal is to develop existing worship team volunteers, expand and grow the worship
team, assist with planning and leading 3 Sunday services, and streamline internal
processes for service planning and outreach.

Job Description

Functions & Responsibilities:

As with all worship leading positions, we expect that this role will change, develop and grow as the church grows in its mission. The job holder must be flexible and able to peacefully make challenging decisions and choices. Being able to adapt to a constantly growing and changing environment is essential to succeeding in this role. In addition, the candidate should be able to competently handle the following responsibilities:

  • Gain working knowledge of Planning Center, Music Stand, & ProPresenter.
  • Gain working knowledge of existing musical & tech equipment.
  • Build, develop, and care for team of worship volunteers.
  • Schedule Sunday morning worship volunteers.
  • Work with pastors to create and implement unique and community specific worship
  • Work with pastors to plan weekly worship services.
  • Create and edit chord charts.
  • Put together service details in Planning Center.
  • Set up band area & Lias between band, volunteers, sound tech and staff for worship
  • Set up services in ProPresenter and Music Stand.
  • Communicate weekly information to worship volunteers.
  • Lead band rehearsals.
  • Recruit, train, and incorporate new worship volunteers on a regular basis.
  • Develop additional worship leaders.
  • Assist in managing congregational worship budget.
  • Plan and lead additional events and services outside of Sunday mornings.
  • Attend Midtown and 12 South staff, small group, and Worship Co-Op meetings.
  • Grow and develop professionally.

Education, Skills & Experience:

The ideal candidate will have:

  • High level of musical and vocal ability.
  • Proficiency in Office Suite and general computer software.
  • Administration and teaching skills.
  • Ability to lead and direct a worship team and service (Prior experience preferred).
  • Humility, teachability, love of the gospel.
  • Is open to feedback.
  • Is not afraid of healthy conflict.
  • If married, has a healthy marriage that cares for their spouse and or children well.
  • Approaches daily work as a calling, not a job.
  • An active and committed Christian faith with beliefs and lifestyle consistent with the doctrine of the PCA.

How To Apply