Associate Pastor

Date Posted: June 29, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Christ Community Church
Belchertown, MA, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Christ Community Church is a faithful, growing, God-seeking congregation in the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts. We are searching for a full-time pastor to join the senior pastor to minister to our diverse congregation and reach our valley for Christ. This pastor will work alongside our senior pastor and focus his efforts on organizing and growing ministries; supporting Sunday morning worship activities; growing our outreach efforts within the community; preaching and teaching, and other areas consistent with the candidate’s experience, skills, and training. 

Our Church 

We are a growing evangelical, elder led congregation with a vision to enjoy Christ and spread His fame to our valley. Though the roots of our church go back 130 years, the Lord has more recently begun a new work with a steadily growing congregation. Over the past years we have had three phases in our building program and in 2021 moved into a facility with a 420-seat sanctuary, modern rooms for children’s ministry, Sunday School, adult classes, and offices.  

We value preaching and teaching that exalts Christ and His work on the cross with clear application of His Word to our daily lives. God’s Word leads us as we love and serve one another and the community around us. Some of our active ministries include Youth Group, an AWANA ministry for children, regular small groups for adults and families, and ministries that show Christ’s love by meeting the practical needs of church families and people in the community. 

God has made us a multi-generational, ethnically and racially diverse church, united by our love for Christ and His Word. We are called to be a missionary church, reaching across the globe but also intent on reaching our secular, post-Christian neighbors. We want to present the gospel to our community in a credible and persuasive way, inviting them to come and taste the goodness of the Lord. Learn more about our church at www.gracefortheway.org

Our Community

Christ Community Church sits in the upper Pioneer Valley, home to several distinguished liberal arts colleges (Mount Holyoke, Amherst, Hampshire, and Smith Colleges), as well as a major Tier 1 research university (UMass, Amherst). UMass enrolls more than 30 thousand students and employs around 7 thousand faculty and staff. The region attracts students, scholars, and faculty from more than 70 countries. Part of the beautiful Connecticut River Valley, it also has some of the richest farmland in the country, making our locality an exciting mix of agricultural and knowledge economies, along with diverse artistic and working-class communities. The Pioneer Valley is also rich in American history. Poets from Dr. Suess to Emily Dickinson lived and worked here. The Valley was also the epicenter of the First Great Awakening, where preachers such as the revivalist Jonathan Edwards pastored his church in nearby Northampton in the mid 1700’s. 

Belchertown, home to Christ Community Church, has a population of 15 thousand spread across an impressive 50 square miles of land, while next-door neighbor Amherst has a population of 40 thousand in half that space. These two, along with their neighboring towns, colleges and universities are the communities that our church is tasked with spreading the Gospel, and this carries unique opportunities. The Lord is bringing every tongue, tribe, and nation right to our doorsteps. We are also situated in a hub of secular ideologies and lifestyles, giving us the duty and privilege to show this Valley the love of God with both grace and truth. 


  • The candidate should meet the requirements of I Timothy 3 and Titus 1, have a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus, be dependent on prayer and the study of Scripture for his ministry, and have a zeal for advancing the gospel.
  • Rigorous formal or informal education is essential.
    • Seminary training or a college degree is preferred.
    • He must be a lifelong learner, intellectually curious and given to reading and growing in his understanding.
    • He must demonstrate that his education and experience have given him a solid understanding of Scripture and theology.
    • He must have a proven track record of leading others and at least several years of experience in church leadership.  
  • We are praying for a pastor who loves people, is humble, coachable and flexible in spirit, and whose family supports and partners in his ministry. 
    • We are looking for a man who will wisely and gently shepherd the flock of Christ and effectively teach and apply God’s Word.
    • The candidate will be able to present the gospel to unbelievers committed to secular lifestyles and demonstrate to them the beauty and goodness of the gospel of Christ. 


  • Salary commensurate with experience.
  • Paid vacation.
  • Professional expenses.
  • Other benefits available upon request.

How To Apply

Application deadline: August 31, 2022

Start Date: Late 2022 or Early 2023