Associate Pastor

Date Posted: August 13, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Valentine Berean Bible Church
Valentine, NE, United States
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Valentine Berean Bible Church (Valentine, NE) Associate Pastor

The Big Picture

Valentine Berean Bible Church (valentinebereanchurch.com) is seeking an Associate Pastor.



Valentine Berean Church is located in the town of Valentine, Nebraska, population 2600. We are primarily a farming and ranching area. As we are relatively remote (it is two hours to Walmart and five hours to major airports), we are the trading center for north central Nebraska. It is not uncommon for our congregation members to drive an hour to church, and that is not all on paved roads.

We are a church that has seen growth over the last five years and are currently seeing about 150 people attend worship over two Sunday morning services. As such, the traditional demographic of our church is changing – it is getting younger. We whole heartily embrace the sounds of children in the worship services, as they are the future of the church. We are currently building a new worship center (shell is completed) with the hope of finishing it by the summer of 2024. We are an Elder led church with Deacons responsible for implementing the vision and direction cast by the Elders and Senior Pastor. Volunteers make up the majority of the “doers” in the church. We have started a small group ministry, which we wish to expand. We have a great children’s ministry but have not had a vibrant youth ministry as of late.

This can be hard to articulate, but this is the Sandhills of Nebraska. It is a different mindset and people you will find here. We tend to be self-reliant and will do whatever it takes to help our neighbors. Without each other, we cannot survive. As such, it can be a very tight knit community. You can make yourself accepted and integrated with the town and community and make life-long friends.

General Job Description

The Associate Pastor is one who is gifted and called to church ministry, loves people, and has a passion for evangelism, outreach, and missions both personally and at the ministry level within a multi-generational congregational setting. He has a passion for the Word of God and a desire to proclaim the Word of God with conviction and confidence. The Associate Pastor is one who casts a vision for the ministries under his direction. He lives out the Great Commission by sharing the gospel boldly from the platform, by being in the community, and through one-on-one relationships.

Detailed Job Description

  • Supports the Senior Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching.
  • Works with the Senior Pastor and volunteer staff to ensure services are planned and executed.
  • Communication skill to effectively preach at least once a month and be prepared to be the emergency backup speaker in case of a last-minute need. Always have and “emergency” sermon ready.
  • Able to recruit, teach, train, spiritually support and effectively supervise volunteers for adult small groups and adult ministries within the church.
  • Supervise the volunteer staff and provide support for children and youth ministries of the church.
  • Serve as the “face” of the staff on Sundays by being available in the lobby/foyer to greet attendees and be available for questions or prayer.
  • Serve as the primary contact for visitors. Follows up on visitor cards left in the offering baskets or left with staff.
  • Meet/learn/know the congregation by showing interest in them. Get to know personal and family stories for active attendees.
  • Intentional about building relationships within not only the congregation but also the community.
  • Responsible for the new member’s class.
  • Be available for hospital visits for not only members/attendees but for anyone at the local hospital.
  • Conduct funerals and weddings, baby dedications, and baptisms.
  • Assist with nursing home services, jail ministry, Saturday morning breakfast ministry, attendance at school events, invocations at local events, etc.
  • Lead the weekly Wednesday evening bible study.

Personal Qualifications

  • He should be a born again, baptized Christian.
  • He should fully accept the inerrancy, infallibility, and authority of the Scriptures, and the Bible as the true Word of God.
  • He should be aligned with and able to effectively communicate why we are Berean’s and what we believe doctrinally (see website valentinebereanchurch.com).
  • He must have a genuine love for Christ, His Word, and His Church.
  • He will be willing to allow the Lord to use him as He see fit.
  • He will exhibit evidence of Christian character and servant leadership as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 in a work environment as well as at home.
  • Give evidence of a spiritually balanced life, (prayer, Bible study, rest, worship, financial responsibility).
  • He should be humble and honest, able to deal effectively with conflict, willing to work alongside the elder board, Deacons, and volunteer staff without seeking to push them out of their positions of leadership.
  • Embrace and promote our church culture such as serve one service, worship one service as a means to promote servanthood amongst the congregation.

Education and Skills

  • Preferably a degree from a Bible college, at minimum as associate degrees in Bible Studies
  • Engaging teacher/presenter who can bring practical life application to the scriptures.
  • Knowledge and ability to use the Gospel to lead a seeker to faith and ongoing spiritual maturity.
  • Prefer two years’ experience on staff at a church or ministry with similar responsibilities.
  • Technical expertise with computers to support our volunteers on the worship production side of things.

Hours and Benefits

The Associate Pastor will be classified as a full-time, exempt employee. This is a minimum of 40 hours per week position, working varied hours and schedules. You can expect unplanned after hours calls to the hospital, to minister to the homeless/passing through town visitors, and family emergencies. Pay will depend upon experience and skill sets but can range from $30,000 to $45,000 per year with one week per year paid vacation, two weeks after two years with annual pay reviews.

How To Apply

The Process

Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

  • Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Associate Pastor at Valentine Berean Bible Church?
  • Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Associate Pastor of Valentine Berean Bible Church?
  • In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of Valentine Berean Bible Church?

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online sermon to [email protected].