Bible Translation Advisor

Date Posted: March 1, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
World Team
Warrington, PA, Cameroon
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
Other Details

World Team US is committed to church planting among unreached people groups around the world.

Our Cameroon team has identified the need for a new Bible Translation project to begin in a neighboring people group.


A Pol Bible Translation Advisor will need to have a vibrant spiritual life characterized by consistent practice of the spiritual disciplines. They will need to have a solid understanding of the Scriptures and particularly how Old Testament stories lead to the person and work of Christ. Patience will also be necessary as it will take time and disciplined study to faithfully communicate to the Pol in their own language.

The ideal candidate has the following:

  • A BA in biblical studies or equivalent experience.
  • At least a Certificate of Applied Linguistics (or equivalent experience).
  • A willingness to commit at least ten (10) years to the project.
  • A solid commitment to the spiritual disciplines (i.e., Bible reading, prayer, etc.).


The Pol Bible Translation Advisor is directly accountable to the Cameroon Field Director.


The Pol Bible Translation Advisor will work on a team to develop self-sustaining, Pol-led, healthy churches while also coming alongside the Pol community to help translate the Bible into the Pol language. They will:

  • Live among the Pol people, learning their language and culture before beginning formal ministry.
  • Teach the Bible in formal and informal settings.
  • Evangelize the unbelieving Pol people.
  • Disciple believers in a life-on-life manner.
  • Train up future church leaders.
  • Exegete Scripture to develop front translations which Pol translators will use.
  • Analyze the Pol language and help the Pol people develop a written form of their language.
  • Lead translation drafting sessions.
  • Lead testing in Pol villages.
  • Communicate with Bible translation consultants through the process of editing and finalizing drafts.
  • Publish finalized Pol Bible texts.
  • Teach literacy among the Pol.
  • Other field or agency duties as assigned.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The Pol Bible Translation Advisor will be responsible for working toward the following:

  • Professional working proficiency in the Pol language.
  • A formal analysis of the Pol language with recommendations for a writing system.
  • Faithful evangelism in the Pol language leading to Pol people coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  • A complete translation of the Bible into the Pol language.
  • Bible teaching and discipleship in the Pol language leading to mature Pol believers forming themselves into Pol churches.
  • Leadership training for the new and discipled Pol believers leading to pastors, deacons, and other Pol church leaders both leading and planting their own churches.

See full details at: https://us.worldteam.org/opportunities/pol-bible-translation-advisor-cameroon/

How To Apply

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