Campus Minister/Chaplain

Date Posted: May 1, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
The Christian Fellowship at Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA, USA
Job Type: Other Professional Ministry Positions
Other Details

Job Description of Chaplain (Campus Minister) for Christian Fellowship
Housing provided at the ministry house.

1. S/he is on fire for the Lord Jesus who has an interest(or call) in college ministry.

2. S/he is willing to develop the small group Bible Study for students, staff, faculty, and administrators and make the disciples of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20).

3. S/he is to develop the rapport relationship with all college employees.

4. S/he is to participate to all BSU functions and events and offer the invocations and benedictions, i.e. Kwanza ceremony, book club facilitator, etc.

5. S/he is willing to do outreach ministries such as homeless shelter, nursing home, prison, etc.

6. S/he is to engage in the local church and revitalize the local church with young people.

7. S/he is willing and able to repair and maintain the ministry house and facilities, including managing the tenants.

8. S/he is to do administrative work relating to Christian Fellowship such as bookkeeping of income and expenses, income tax return, etc.

9. S/he is to publish the newsletters 3 or 4 times per year.

10. Ministry work period lasts from September to May during the school year (9 months).

11. S/he who is ordained or seeks ordination is preferred, only because it makes his/her work more effective in college setting, but not required at the time of hiring.

12. Ministerial gift (monthly $1,800) is paid from September to May (9 months). S/he may raise support to augment this income, and for the summer months (housing still provided) may in addition take a local summer job.  Whatever is beneficial for self-improvement for the sake of the Gospel and Kingdom. (Bridgewater University Christian Fellowship is a faith ministry. We solely depend on the Lord who supplies this ministry through saints.)

I pray that our good Lord Jesus leads a wo/man of God whom our good Lord Jesus has prepared for Christian Fellowship at Bridgewater State University through you.

If you have any questions and interest in college ministry at CF of Bridgewater State University, please contact Rev. Dr. Chang-Hee Son, Th.D. at [email protected] or text/call me at 508-638-8498.

Thank you for this privilege to get to know you and opportunity to serve the Lord with you.

Blessings to you and your ministry,
Rev. Chang-Hee Son, Th.D.
Protestant Chaplain, aka Christian Fellowship

How To Apply

Contact Rev. Dr. Hang-Hee Son, at [email protected].