Cantonese Ministry Pastor

Date Posted: March 9, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Oversea Chinese Mission Church
New York, NY, USA
Job Type: Mandarin/Cantonese/Korean/Spanish/Portuguese, etc. Ministry Pastor
Other Details

Job Description: To assist Senior Pastor minister to the needs of the Cantonese congregation; to help and encourage those in need of pastoral assistance.

Ministry Duties: The Cantonese Ministry Pastor shall assist the Senior Pastor to shepherding a Biblical ministry for the Oversea Chinese Mission. Further, he or she shall provide pastoral leadership in promoting and building a healthy Christian life experience both within the home and corporately through reaching out to minister to the special needs of church members. He or she is to nurture and shepherd the Cantonese speaking congregation. If, and when necessary, he or she will assist in the various ministries with the English-speaking congregation, leading to the completion of the total vision and objective of the church. His or her responsibilities shall include recruiting and training lay leaders; developing and managing preventive, enrichment, and remedial programs of the Cantonese ministry; maintaining proper coordination and working relationships with the church staff, lay leaders, and lay volunteers and accomplishing all the administrative duties required to keep this ministry functioning effectively.

Job Overview: To assist Senior Pastor minister to the needs of the Cantonese congregation; to help and encourage those in need of pastoral assistance.
  • Develop a plan of action with steps to implement ministry to our members.
  • Provide for the spiritual care and nurture of our church members.
  • Create vision and challenge to greater ministry participation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Pastoral Care and Counseling:
    • Maintain good communication and understanding with the senior pastor and church staff, lay leaders and the whole congregation.
    • Provide biblical counseling to church members and community regarding spiritual matters; may include individual, couple, family and group counseling.
    • Provide additional Pastoral care as required through counseling and visitation.
    • Train and equip lay leaders to do the ministry.
    • Shepherd and disciple Adult Cantonese congregation.
    • Develop service and outreach opportunities that will enrich families and touch others’ lives.
    • Plan and encourage activities which will promote the development of the OCM ministries.
    • Attend church staff meetings.
    • Attend and support the church meetings and activities.
    • Plan a yearly calendar for the ministry; monitor the expenditure, setting goals for growth according to the “church theme”.
    • Work closely with the Senior Pastor to coordinate overall ministries and activities in the church.
  2. Visitation:
    • Direct and participate in a vigorous visitation program for all active, inactive and prospective members; develop an effective follow-up program to maintain a high level of interest.
    • Recruit and train Visitation Team members; provide names and materials and follow-up with teams as necessary.
    • Make emergency visits to support members facing death, hospitalization in an emergency or in other crucial circumstances.
    • Visit hospitalized members and follow up with family as needed.
    • Visit and offer emotional/spiritual support to grieving members.
    • Track existing members of the body who have been absent or hurting.

Character traits and skills

  • Exhibit strong Christian character that demonstrates a close relationship with God through personal devotion, worship, and prayer life.
  • Realize that God is always working, seeks to join God in His work, and is willing to make life adjustments in order to join God in what He is doing.
  • Seek to minister to the Cantonese Congregation.
  • Can demonstrate ability to recognize and develop potential leaders.
  • Has Christlike attitude that is accepting and inclusive of all the diverse parts of the body of Christ.
  • Has conceptual skills and can develop an idea into an active ministry.
  • Is enthusiastic, high energy, self-starter; encourager, visionary and a people-person who enjoys and maintains relationships with people.
  • Has demonstrated maturity through various levels of mental, spiritual and character development.

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How To Apply

To apply for an open position at our church please do one of the following:
Contact the Pastoral Search Committee by emailing HR at [email protected]
or by Regular Mail to:
Personnel Committee
Oversea Chinese Mission
154 Hester Street
New York, NY 10013