Church Plant Resident

Date Posted: June 17, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40-55
The Well Community Church
Austin, TX, USA
Job Type: Residency
Other Details

Salary: TBD

Outcomes and Results – Success in this position will result in:

1. A fully equipped, healthy and establish church planter, to be able to plant a fully equipped, healthy and established church

2. Gathering a core-team of at least 40 individuals (both from TW & other connections) to help form a new church

3. The Well’s continued progress towards Exalt, Disciple, Send

4. The Well being in a better place when the planter leaves, because of the planter’s effort and contributions

5. Leaders are taken from TW to the new church plant, as well as new leaders developed who will fill-in prior leader’s place

Major Responsibilities and Activities:

1. Build full ministry plans for new church plant

2. Ministry Team Development (MTD) to support the new church plant

3. Learning contract created, tweaked, and followed for growth and health

4. Lead a key ministry at The Well, helping it to flourish and developing a successful roll-off plan once planting becomes primary focus

5. Lead Sunday morning ministry areas

6. Lead and participate in multiple ministry areas within the church that will help TW grow, but also to build relationships with potential core-team members

7. Participate as a part of the preaching and teaching team, and help develop and lead core events

8. Participate in and potentially lead a Community Group (CG) that would eventually multiply other CGs

9. Create a major ministry within The Well from scratch, and sustain this ministry by implementing plans and leaders

10. Disciple various leaders and men within the church for their personal growth and health

11. Be active in sharing the gospel, participating in Disciple-Making Intensive groups

12. Develop a Missional Community (MC) or something equivalent in planter’s target area

Required knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualifications:

1. Qualified “elder” based upon 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1; a man full of character

2. Works well with a team, and desires to be a family, not just an organization

3. Strong theological framework and conviction about core Christian truths

4. A deep knowledge and passion for the Scriptures, and the ability to lead through them

5. A love for people far from God, and a deep desire and conviction to see them enter into the Family of God

6. A heart for the local church, and a conviction of the church’s importance in the reaching of the lost, equipping of the saints, and overall glory of God

7. Ability to disciple and develop leaders and ability to help with discipleship in The Well’s system of spiritual formation

8. “Starter” personality; the ability to start and sustain new ministries and movements

9. A self-motivated person; doesn’t need to be told what to do, but rather sees a need, and wants to solve that need

10. Ability to coordinate and collaborate with elders, staff, and various lay leaders at The Well to help maintain vibrant communication

11. A person of action, encouragement and faith

12. Can adequately handle God’s Word and both teach and preach the Word effectively

13. Ability to oversee various ministry leaders and staffers to help them operate at full capacity

14. Proactive about being informed about what is coming & taking steps to solve potential problems before they arise.

How To Apply

To apply, please fill out our job application here.

You can also learn more about the position and The Well by going to thewellaustin.com/jobs.