Director of Counseling

Date Posted: February 8, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Women's Refuge of Vero Beach
Vero Beach, FL, USA
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
Other Details

Director of Counseling at The Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach

About the Position: 
The Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach is looking for an experienced biblical counselor with exceptional people skills who can motivate and help guide the Refuge staff into its next season for God’s glory.

The Opportunity: 
We hear people say, “I’ve looked everywhere, and there’s really no place that offers quite what the Refuge does.” The person who answers this call as Director of Counseling will be blessed to come alongside a unique, Christ-honoring ministry that was established and then refined by many who have served and sacrificed over the past 25 years. We’re praying for the person––for you!–– to hear the call and join in the exciting and highly rewarding work being done at the Refuge for God’s glory.

About Us: 
The Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach is a sanctuary where people can start over with a new understanding of God’s plan for their lives. Founded in 1997, the Refuge is for those who are experiencing emotional, mental and spiritual difficulties. It offers a Christian residential program for women; a biblical counseling center for individuals, couples and families; and support groups for the purpose of healing the whole person through Christ. 

Through this ministry, many have found freedom from the debilitation of depression, anxiety, trauma and loss and have returned to their homes, churches and communities to lead healthy lives. Women from around the world have been referred to our program by organizations such as Focus on the Family and Mercy Ministries, and by pastors, counselors, psychiatrists, families and friends

Job Description:

  • Oversees all aspects of the Refuge’s residential program and community counseling sphere, and as the Director, supports the staff to fulfill tasks to ensure smooth operations.
  • Supervises, mentors and equips the counseling staff, using the Refuge model of counseling.
  • Maintains a flexible caseload of residential and community counselees as her director role allows.
  • Promotes unity and fosters authentic community by her full participation and example.
  • Acts as the Refuge’s representative when there is the need either to confer with a mental health professional with a counselee’s permission or to have a counselee seen by one.
  • Maintains the integrity and excellence of the Refuge’s existing counseling resources, and incorporates new resources that cohere with the Refuge’s mission.
  • Serves under the direction of the Executive Director and at the pleasure of the Board, interfaces with the Director of Development with information she needs to promote the Refuge and participates in the Refuge’s community events.

Candidate Qualifications:

Educational & Theological

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree. A counseling degree, graduate degree, certification, or psychiatric nursing experience would be a plus.
  • A commitment to the authority, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture.
  • Ascribes without reservation to the basic tenets of the Apostles’ Creed.
  • Reformed in theology, especially believing that 1) God is sovereign over all things, 2) salvation is completely accomplished by God through Christ rather than by man, and 3) a believer’s salvation is eternally secure.

Ministry Experience, Skills and Stance

  • A minimum of three years of biblical counseling or Christian counseling experience that demonstrates a depth and breadth of counseling competency. 
  • A minimum of one year being under counseling supervision/training, either in a ministry or a professional setting. 
  • A minimum of one year in leadership or in a supervisory role within a counseling-related ministry or workplace.
  • Experienced as a communicator, with strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Understands as she counsels that the Holy Spirit is the One who produces heart change in a counselee’s life and that the counselor is absolutely dependent upon Christ for everything.
  • Agrees that biblical counseling can conservatively and effectively integrate various psychological observations and findings and that psychology can be a beneficial tool that God has allowed, despite its secular limitations.  
  • Has a basic knowledge of psychiatric medications and psychiatric disorders. 
  • Has an acceptance of but not over-reliance upon the therapeutic usefulness of psychiatric medication as being allowed by God for our potential good.
  • Has at least intermediate computer and keyboard skills and is comfortable with virtual counseling.


  • Has a personal, mature and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Has an exemplary personal life as expressed within her family, marriage (if married), friendships, church and community.  
  • Actively attends a Bible-believing, evangelical church and will actively attend a Bible-believing, evangelical church in the greater Vero Beach area after relocating.
  • Is skillful and at ease in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with various people and personality types; has a genuine heart and compassion for others.
  • Is able to manage conflict resolution in a group setting. 
  • Has a proven ability to maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive client and ministry information.

How To Apply

Send resume to: [email protected]