Director of Family Ministry

Date Posted: August 21, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
College Hill Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Job Type: Family Pastor,Ministry Director
Other Details

Founded in 1853, College Hill Presbyterian Church is dedicated to cultivating a thriving ministry within a dynamic and ever-evolving community. Our mission is to honor God by fostering a diverse community of Jesus’ followers. We firmly believe that the cross of Jesus has dismantled all barriers between us, God, and one another, and we strive to embody a church that looks like heaven.

Currently, we are seeking an individual to join our team as the Director of Family Ministry. We recognize the significance of finding someone who can contribute to the growth of our family ministry within a community that encompasses various racial and economic backgrounds. By prioritizing the love of Christ, guidance from the Holy Spirit, and adherence to biblical truths, we aim to create a nurturing and engaging environment where all families can flourish. As a staff team, we are committed to supporting one another in our efforts to share the Gospel and empower everyone in the church to follow Jesus collectively. In this role, the responsibilities will include:

  • Developing engaging programs and activities – The Director of Family Ministry will be responsible for creating and implementing innovative programs and activities that cater to the unique needs and interests of children and families from diverse backgrounds. This includes designing an age-appropriate curriculum, organizing events, and facilitating opportunities for spiritual growth and development.
  • Building strong connections with parents and guardians – The person in this role will play a crucial role in establishing and nurturing relationships with parents and guardians. This involves providing support, guidance, and resources to assist families in their role as the primary disciplers of their children. The director will offer encouragement, counsel, and assistance in navigating the challenges of raising children in today’s world.

In recent years, our family ministry has faced significant challenges due to the impact of COVID-19. However, we have taken proactive steps to rebuild and revitalize this vital ministry. We have completely renovated our children’s ministry areas to create a welcoming and safe environment for children to learn and grow. Additionally, we have made substantial improvements to our outreach ministries aimed at supporting families, including our daycare program, ballet ministry, and tutoring ministry. We firmly believe that God has positioned us for growth, and we are excited about the potential for expansion in our family ministry.

Reports to Senior Pastor.
FLSA: Exempt

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• Integrity
• Development
• Inclusiveness
• Self-Awareness
• Discernment
• Spiritual Care
• Initiative
• Cooperation

Job Summary: The goal of this position is to lead families and their children (birth-12h grade) to deeper levels of relationship with Christ and understanding of Christianity. This includes but is not limited to equipping families, recruiting and training volunteers, and providing a stable and welcoming environment to children from within the church as well as those outside. The Director of Family Ministry will advise CHPC leadership, equip covenant partners, and implement the necessary programming to ensure a flourishing multi-ethnic family ministry.

Key accountabilities in order of priority with projected time allocation are:

  1. Family Ministry – 30%. Develops programs that support families in becoming a primary discipleship making community for children.
  2. Connectivity – 40%. Provides leadership that establishes connections that integrate parents, youth, and children into the body of the church.
  3. Planning & Budgeting – 20%. Serves as a member of the leadership team and oversees planning and delivery of programs within established budgets.
  4. Note: 10% of time is reserved for ancillary responsibilities and activities unrelated to the performance objectives.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

The responsibilities listed are fundamental to the position and must be performed successfully to achieve the key performance objectives of the role. Other responsibilities may be assigned.

Family Ministru

  1. Collaborates with the Director of Youth ministries to integrate parents and youth into the body of the church, fostering strong connections and a sense of belonging.
  2. Works with the Youth Ministry Director to present a biblical view of the world and establish a meaningful transition for students from Children’s ministry to Youth ministry.
  3. Provides oversight and leadership, working with the Director of the Youth ministries to develop a clear progression for children and teens through youth
    ministries and beyond, into young adult and adult groups with age-appropriate classes.
  4. Collaborates with the Director of Youth Ministries to establish mentoring initiatives with City Gospel, developing relationships with students and families, and acting as a conduit to other organizations.
  5. Participates in City Gospel (a local ministry) meetings with the Director of Youth Ministries to review objectives, conduct home interviews, and approve mentorship opportunities.
  6. Discusses tutoring and other ministry initiatives with City Gospel to ensure holistic support for children and their families.
  7. Serves as a welcoming presence on Sunday mornings for families with children, assisting with the check-in process, implementing security protocols, and conducting background checks for volunteers.
  8. Develops purposeful relationships with parents and guardians to fulfill the church’s vision and support them as spiritual leaders in the lives of their children through written material, classes, and programs led by parenting experts.
  9. Coordinates training for parents with specialists, addressing relevant topics such as incorporating Godly values in the digital age and establishing God\’s vision in matters of sexual education, providing booklets and resources tailored to their needs and interests.
  10. Develops a family newsletter, highlighting the focus of the season and upcoming Sundays, along with other communication about the lessons children learned in class, emphasizing learning objectives and practical applications for parents.
  11. Provides support and training to volunteers, teachers, and parents/guardians, addressing any issues that may arise, and offering guidance as needed.


  1. Works with teachers and parents in collaboration with the Director of 3C’s Preschool ministry to foster strong relationships and integration between the youth, children, and parents within the church community.
  2. Leads efforts to integrate 3C’s Preschool into the overall church community by effectively communicating its programs and opportunities for participation, especially focusing on engaging families who are not yet members of the church.
  3. Collaborates with the Director of 3C’s to facilitate opportunities for 3C’s participants to connect with the church community, spending time with them, making meaningful connections, and involving 3C’s families in one or two worship services during the year – e.g., recognizing graduates in May.
  4. Establishes and maintains touchpoints between families participating in 3C’s and the larger church community through various means such as newsletters, parent meetings, and events at the preschool.
  5. Actively participates in 3C’s fundraisers, particularly the gingerbread shop craft show, to connect with crafters, church members, and 3C’s families, fostering a sense of community and support.
  6. Drives initiatives that encourage the integration of youth programs and activities into the church community, ensuring a cohesive and unified experience for all members.
  7. Supports, promotes, and leads integration efforts to break down silos and emphasize the importance of youth and children’s ministry within the bigger picture of the church’s mission.
  8. Collaborates with the part-time Director of Whiz Kids (tutoring), overseeing budgeting, programming, scheduling, recruiting tutors, and exploring ways to
    connect with Pleasant Hill Academy (local elementary school) to extend the church’s mercy ministry.
  9. Works with the Jesus University Volunteer Director (Dance ministry) to integrate parents and children into church activities, encouraging their participation in Sunday morning services and Sunday school, and helping them become active members of the church community.
  10. Coordinates weekend activities with families of youth ministries, organizing outreach opportunities like kids cooking classes to foster connections and encourage participation.
  11. Organizes children and family celebration activities such as pool parties and BBQs, fostering a sense of community and celebration among families within the church.
  12. Acts as a liaison between various ministries, facilitating connections and cross-pollination between programs like Whiz Kids (tutoring), Jesus University (dance/ballet), 3\’s Preschool, and summer camps.

Planning & Budgeting

  1. Provides oversight and management of budget, curriculum, and programming for children in collaboration with the Director of the 3C’s ministry.
  2. Works with the Director of 3C’s to drive the planning process and develop a sustainable business model for the ministry, aiming for self-funding and effective marketing strategies.
  3. Participate in the hiring process for new staff in 3C’s ministry, ensuring that budget, staffing, and funding considerations align with the ministry’s objectives.
  4. Coordinates a scholarship campaign with the Jesus University Volunteer Director, inviting the congregation to contribute to specific programs, thereby supporting the ministry’s initiatives.
  5. Leads the recruitment of Sunday school teachers, offering support and resources to help them effectively deliver the curriculum.
  6. Chooses appropriate curriculum for Children’s Ministry Volunteer Leaders & Sunday School teachers scheduling classes for different age groups accordingly.
  7. Recognizes and celebrates leaders and volunteers by coordinating small gifts, luncheons, thank-you notes, and expressions of appreciation.
  8. Collaborates with the leadership team to coordinate and manage the larger church schedule, ensuring alignment with the church’s vision and providing senior-level oversight.
  9. Participates in the evaluation process, discussing goals, budgetary matters, and other relevant topics with the Senior Pastor to ensure continued progress and alignment with church objectives.
  10. Participates in the church’s strategic planning process and works with the leadership team to develop and implement church-wide activities, outreach programs, and initiatives that strengthen the church\’s impact within the community.
  11. Actively seeks connections with the larger community, expanding outreach efforts and inviting individuals to volunteer with church programs, identifying opportunities for business sponsorship and philanthropy.
  12. Oversees staffing and scheduling of children’s summer activities such as camps, mission trips, and Sunday school, researching and scouting suitable opportunities with ministry directors, coordinating scholarships, and recruiting leaders for these activities.


  • Exhibit a growing faith in Christ, grounded in Scripture
  • Demonstrate a passion to minister to families and their children
  • Enthusiastic team builder with the ability to equip others
  • Innovative in ministering to the changing needs of our church and community
  • Physically able to meet the demands of the job
  • Creative ability to adapt and develop curriculum when necessary
  • Organized administrator with good time management skills
  • Comfortable delegating responsibilities
  • Knowledge and skills in information technology including computer and social media
  • Bachelors’ degree or above—coursework in child development desired
  • Two or more years of leadership experience in Christian education

How To Apply

For initial inquiries, please send Resume by Email to [email protected].
Or by mail to Rev. Drew Smith, 5742 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati OH 45224