Director of Foundations (in-house discipleship program)

Date Posted: January 19, 2023
Hours Per Week: 15
Brookhaven Presbyterian Church
Brookhaven, GA, USA
Job Type: Ministry Director
Other Details

Job Description

Foundations is a 5-year-old intensive, innovative, in-house discipleship program at our church.  It consists of anywhere from 12-24 young adults, recruited by the director.  The program runs the school year: August through May and includes the following for participants: weekly discipleship group; monthly book discussion; annual mission trip; service on a leadership team of the participant’s choosing; monthly theological trainings; and monthly meetings with a mentor.

The Director of Foundations runs the program, including coordinating and planning dates for all of the above, communicating with participants and volunteers about upcoming events, caring for and recruiting volunteers for the program, and recruiting and providing pastoral care for participants for the program.

Church Description

Brookhaven Presbyterian is a 9-year-old church in Brookhaven, GA. Our church is very young, with about 40% of the 300 or so members being under age 30.  Our church is a part of the Presbyterian Church in America, which is theologically very conservative; Brookhaven Pres is on the very progressive side of our denomination, largely owing to neo-Calvinist influences.

Background and Skills

The following experiences and skills are important for this job.  First, our church is highly relational, so an understanding of how to do incarnational ministry is extremely important.  Because our denomination is theologically conservative, if the Director of Foundations is themselves not theologically conservative, he or she must have an ability to function in a theologically ecumenical posture in our context.


$20-30k stipend, plus up to 80% help with tuition


Hours are flexible, but overall this job requires about 15 hours/week of work.

How To Apply

If you are interested or would like more information, please email Beth Goss: [email protected].