Director of Next Gen Ministry

Date Posted: July 3, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Liberti Church Main Line
Wayne, PA, USA
Job Type: Family Pastor
Other Details

Denomination: RCA – Reformed

Weekly Attendance:  100

Location: Wayne, PA

The Role: Director of Next Gen Ministry

Meet Liberti Main Line:

Liberti Church Main Line was born in 2012 with the hope of starting a church that would love the Main Line, seek to serve its communities, and would be a place in which people unfamiliar with Christianity could explore the reality of Jesus in a way that made sense.

 Liberti wholeheartedly embraces the good news of historic Christian faith: that, in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, God has acted to redeem and renew the cosmos he has created. Our church values being a place where sound doctrine is presented in an unwavering, yet approachable way to those who are new to faith or still seeking.

Liberti is part of the City Classis of the Reformed Church in America,  a historic denomination in the Reformed family of the Christian Church characterized by both deep roots in historic, Reformed Christian faith, and an ongoing commitment to the mission of Christ in the world.

Our members find the community within Liberti Main Line to be one of its greatest strengths. Together, our members have a heart for outreach within the greater Philadelphia community, demonstrated by their eager involvement in various ministries.

About the Director of Next Gen Ministry:

The Director of Next Gen Ministry will encourage and lead middle and high school students into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourage students in such a way that they grow in their faith, preparing them for a lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth.

Liberti Church Main Line is positioned for outsized growth in its Next Gen Ministry, given that about 50 percent of Liberti’s attendees are in K-12 age groups. This person will desire to see Liberti’s mission fulfilled among the next generation and will embrace opportunities to develop the Next Gen Ministry as it grows and becomes more structured. This person’s genuine connection with students will create a compelling environment to which students can invite friends.

Liberti Main Line Sermon

The Director of Next Gen Ministry Responsibilities Include: 

  • Do  “contact work” on evenings and weekends to engage with students.
  • Establish a budget and strategy to execute events, camps, retreats, etc.
  •  Support Liberti’s ministry team in other areas, as may be required from time to time.
  • Abide by the policies and practices of Liberti Church Main Line, including those related to our doctrine, vision, and mission.
  • Partner with local student organizations.
  • Opportunistically engage with local high schools, churches, and the community
  • Develop formal/informal structure for a developing ministry.
    • This may or may not involve the establishment of platforms for communicating with students or implementing regularly scheduled group events appealing to Liberti’s students.
  • Recruit, equip, and mobilize paid or volunteer leaders.
  • Support and assist parents of students in the process of discipling their youth.
  • Equip students through discipleship offerings, so they will be inspired to share the gospel with their friends.
    • Involve students in contact work and organizing events for those who might not be ready for discipleship.
  • Develop ways to assimilate students into the worship, community, and mission of Liberti Church.

What You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Director of Next Gen Ministry:

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong technology skills.
  • High-level  EQ.
  • Ability to cast a vision and execute it.
  • Ability to culturally connect with middle and high school students.
  • Demonstrates self-confidence.
  • Ability to be a Christ-like model.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications:

  • Profess belief in Jesus Christ as personal savior.
  • Committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • A passion for adolescents ministry.
  • Commitment to ongoing spiritual development of self, family, and anyone under your care and authority.
  • Entrepreneurial self-starter.
  • Maturity.
  • Energized.

What it’s Like to Live in Wayne, PA: 

Nine miles from the center of Philadelphia, the sixth-most populous city in the United States, Wayne is a quaint, historical suburb rich with tight-knit communities. After all, the city has earned its name — The City of Brotherly Love. 

This charming town loves its leisure, with more than 30 parks and playing fields, constantly inviting neighbors to enjoy the great outdoors. For those who love sports and food, Wayne, PA is the perfect place to be. With seven colleges just a few miles from the church, there’s a constant buzz of college and pro sports events. And when it comes to dining, outstanding restaurants are aplenty both nearby and in the city, serving up delicious eats for all tastes and preferences. Must-see museums, Victorian Gardens, and marks left by history dating back to the 1600s make any weekend outing exciting and educational. 

The city maintains a focus on history and culture. The suburb is thriving, and the deep sense of community instilled in its residents helps pull together resources and effort for those in need in surrounding areas. The Main Line is known as the birthplace of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, making it the perfect place to grow roots and settle in!