Executive Director

Date Posted: April 12, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Northrise University Initiative
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Job Type: Other Professional Ministry Positions
Other Details

Chief Fundraiser needed for Christian University (1000 students) in Zambia Africa. Can work anywhere in U.S.

The Dingman Company is assisting Northrise University Initiative in its search for an Executive Director to identify and prioritize friend-raising and fundraising opportunities to achieve and extend the vision of NU.

Northrise University (NU) is a Christ-centered university that inspires hope in the lives of Zambians. The cornerstone of the University is a commitment to prepare people for professional and voluntary leadership in the church, in schools, in government and in the business community. NU shares in God’s vision to empower the people of Zambia, believing that true Christian service is born out of reflection, study, intellectual investigation, and personal involvement in some form of ministry. NU is a fully accredited university, strategically located in Ndola, Zambia. The University is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of education through a comprehensive approach to teaching, research, and learning. University enrollment is approximately 1,000 students. Since its inception in 2004, NU has attracted local and international students who receive training in various academic disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A leader in education innovation, Northrise offers 11-degree programs in Business, Information Technology, Nursing, Law, Human Resources and Theology. Construction for the School of Engineering begins spring 2023. As devoted Christians, we believe a person’s life cannot be complete without a personal relationship with
God. At the same time, we are aware men and women must be equipped to thrive in their personal lives and careers. We share in God’s vision to empower the people of Zambia, to bring economic revitalization, and to foster an environment of both spiritual and economic hope.

Executive Summary
The Executive Director of NUI is responsible to propose and upon the NUI Board’s approval to implement budgets, plans, policies, and programs to accomplish the mission and support the financial requirements of NU. The Executive Director of NUI leads communications and marketing efforts within the US to raise funds, to build strategic partnerships and to promote prayer and such other engagements as necessary to
achieve the mission of NU. The Executive Director of NUI is responsible to recruit, develop, assess, and as necessary, to replace staff.

Reporting Procedure and Review: The Executive Director of NUI reports to Dr. Moffat Zimba (founder and president of NU and on the NUI board) and Jeff Goble (chairman Board of Regents, chairman NUI and Interim Executive Director) through regular reporting and periodic reviews.

The Board of Directors

  •  To propose budgets, plans, policies, and programs to the Board, and upon approval, to implement budgets, plans, policies, and programs to accomplish the mission and support the financial requirements of NU.
  • To cultivate the involvement of NUI and NU board members as financial supporters of NU.
  • To advise the NUI’s Board in a timely manner concerning emergent issues.

Northrise University

  • To work supportively with the President and Provost of NU in the preparation of budgets, communications, marketing efforts, and funding campaigns for designated projects of NU.


  • To recruit, review, and as necessary, replace personnel. Adding to the development team as
    donations grow is anticipated.
  • To ensure that personnel have accurate, updated job descriptions and annual reviews.
  • To cultivate a positive atmosphere of trust, respect, appreciation, and love for Christ.
  • Plan, budget and promote staff development, perpetuate a high performance and continuous improvement culture that values learning.


  • To oversee and assess the operations of the organization – solving problems, optimizing efficiency, eliminating unnecessary expenses, and planning needed expansion.
  • To ensure that needed equipment, technology, and training are in place to support the staff and operations of NUI.

Communications and Marketing

  • To follow up on the current strategic plan, propose and implement necessary modifications and engage in future strategic planning.
  • Identify, nurture, and grow new and existing target audience segments, particularly in the major donor space.
  • To establish, measure and report on key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Northrise University Initiative: Executive Director Opportunity Profile

  • To engage major donors personally as well as supervise major donor strategies.
  • To engage foundation leaders personally as well as supervise foundation strategies.
  • To supervise planning and execution of campaigns to engage churches and other organizations in supporting NU.
  • To supervise planning and implementing e-mail and postal communications to constituents.
  • To explore and test social media strategies (e.g., NU website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) to identify and expand supporters of NU.
  • To supervise NU’s presence at strategic 3rd party events and conferences.
  • To lead efforts to secure strategic endorsements and partnerships for NU (e.g. denominations, Christian leaders).
  • At its current size, this position is primarily that of a friend-raiser/fund-raiser. As revenue grows, additional development staff can be added.

For the right person, this is a superb ministry opportunity to support the spread of the Gospel in Zambia and Africa through Christian higher education and strengthen followers of Jesus Christ who face difficult challenges there. NU’s mission strikes a responsive chord with evangelical Christians worldwide. The organization has a history of success in achieving its mission, there is an effective Board of Directors and team in place, the reputation of the organization is excellent, there is good momentum and the potential to impact and grow the organization is significant.
The NUI Executive Director can live anywhere in the United State sand his/her current team members are distributed. Given that the majority of major donors are in California, Arizona and Texas those would be advantageous locations.

Position Description

Reports to: President, Northrise University

The Executive Director will direct the NUI, a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) organization, to identify and prioritize friend-raising and fundraising opportunities to achieve and extend the vision of NU. Additionally, the Executive Director is expected to work directly with the Board of Trustees to facilitate capital campaigns and with NU representatives to develop and promote specific University programs.

Please see Opportunity Profile for more information.

How To Apply

To apply please contact:

Bruce Dingman

President, The Dingman Company

[email protected]