Family and Youth Pastor

Date Posted: October 5, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
First Baptist Church of Endicott
Endicott, NY, USA
Job Type: Family Pastor
Other Details

We are the First Baptist Church of Endicott, NY, a small church with surprisingly more children and pre-teenagers than you’d expect. We hope the Lord will send our children a Biblically-sound, wise, creative, and energetic shepherd, who will care for their families and can launch a kingdom-strategic and future-minded ministry. We are searching for a person with 2 to 3 years of full-time ministry experience and have completed at least an associate or bachelor’s degree in biblical or Christian ministry studies.

First Baptist Church of Endicott Children and Youth Minister

Position Overview:

  • Develop and oversee First Baptist’s objectives for our children from birth through 12th grade.
  • Partner with parents, volunteers, and other ministry leaders to shepherd our children in this challenging generation.
  • Be a creative, dynamic shepherd to whom our children and youth will bond and seek out for Biblical encouragement and counsel.

Out Church’s Description

  • We are a congregation of loving and kindhearted believers of all ages.
  • We do our best to sincerely worship and serve the Lord with love for each other, and to make a difference in our community and in the world.
  • We are a church that is connected through prayer and through helping one another grow in our faith to serve our Lord and Savior.

Minister’s Objectives:

  • Love and mentor our children and youth to have a relationship with Jesus, to faithfully make wise decisions, to respect themselves and others, and to participate in the life and ministry of the church.
  • Guide our children and youth to transform Biblical truths into deep, personal and life-transforming convictions.
  • Develop and oversee ministry – birth through 12th grade – including management and care of volunteers.
  • Envision and execute a strategic mission plan to reach children, youth, and families of our community.

Minister’s Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Develop and execute Sunday morning children’s ministry.
  • Ensure children’s ministry is fully staffed and trained.
  • Preaching at “Children’s Church”
  • Prepare teaching materials and equipment.


  • Shepherd our teenagers with Christ-like love and Biblical truth.
  • Develop and oversee Sunday morning Christian education.
  • Develop and oversee activities that foster teenage community, peer outreach, and missions and community service.

Community Outreach:

  • Prepare our church to reach out to the anticipated movement of new families into our community.
  • Outreach and serve children and families in the community through our own ministries and in collaboration with Christian ministry partners.

Logistics and Administration:

  • Oversee systems for safety, background checks, security procedures, and cleanliness.
  • Communicate regularly to keep our families, church leaders, and local community up-to-date with opportunities, events, and changes.
  • Prepare budgets and plans; report to lead pastor and church leaders.

Partner with Parents

  • Build friendships with parents and children and connect with them regularly.
  • Share appropriate resources to help parents raise up their children in the Lord.
  • Plan and execute joyful, creative events and activities for children and youth outside of Sunday mornings (i.e. – outings, VBS, etc.).
  • Coordinate non-Sunday childcare during church events to encourage parents to participate in activities such as prayer meetings, worship nights, fundraisers, etc.

Member Life:

In addition to ministry, we would love our children and youth minister to participate in the life of First Baptist with other members.

Character and Skill Qualifications:

Christ-like leadership character as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-13

  • Strong administrative and communication skills:
    • Ability to engage and interact with children, including teaching in a large group setting.
    • Adapt and enforce child safety policies.
    • Experience in a church ministry setting, with children pre-K to 12th.
    • Love for God’s people and His church, particularly children & families.
    • Clear understanding of the Gospel and ability to communicate it to children.
    • Ability to interact with parents in a loving, gracious, and direct manner.
    • Ability to carry out projects/plans from conception to completion.
    • Enjoys building relationships, collaboration, working with and leading a team.

Ministry Qualifications

  • 2-3 years experience in full-time children’s ministry.
  • Associate Degree or BA in Biblical or Christian Ministry studies.
  • Experience recruiting, training, and leading volunteer teams.
  • General computer proficiency, including Google Docs, Email, Planning Center, social media.

How To Apply

Please contact the church at [email protected] for next steps.