Lead Pastor

Date Posted: December 20, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Hickory, NC, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Date Posted: Dec. 20, 2022
Posting Closes: Jan. 31, 2023

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is looking for an outgoing individual to serve as the lead pastor in an effort to support the spreading of the gospel within our church, community, and beyond. This person will coordinate time with the members and potential members which include men, women, teens and children for the purposes of worship, ministering to the needs, education, volunteer work and community outreach.

About Our Church:

Mt. Zion is a small church located in the Kenworth area of Hickory, NC.  We are true believers of Jesus Christ and we strive to live and serve our members, community, and others in a way that is a reflection of a Christ-like life. We carry this out by focusing on our current four main pillars: Evangelism, Education, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship.

Mt. Zion is a church that is prayerfully and purposefully seeking a greater level of diversity. Therefore, we are seeking applicants of any ethnicity to apply who meet the qualifications listed below. The lead pastor envisions a church that can reach the masses, beyond the church walls.

Qualifications to be a Lead Pastor:

  • Believer of Jesus Christ and His teachings
  • Ability to teach, preach and effectively communicate God’s word
  • Seminary training (Strongly desired by the church)
  • Willing to work with all nationalities
  • Caring attitude
  • Detail oriented
  • Patient
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Able to delegate tasks to church leaders
  • Ability to manage and oversee a budget
  • Able to lead and train adults in assisting in carrying out the vision of the church


  • Follow the direction of the Holy Spirit
  • Provide a clear and concise vision of where God is leading you to lead the church, not just Mt. Zion, but ecclesia in general
  • Plan, create, and share engaging sermons that will inspire worshippers to share the gospel outside of the church walls
  • Develop a curriculum for teaching the gospel to the church body
  • Plan engaging programs and activities to introduce and teach all ages about the gospel
  • Continue and enhance a connection between the church and the community
  • Encourage the introduction to and assimilation of the congregation as active participants of Mt. Zion Baptist church family (including Christian conversion, baptism, discipleship, membership, ministry involvement, leadership, etc)
  • Provide, or designate, pastoral care  and counseling to the members
  • Develop and present an annual strategic plan of proposed ministries and budgetary requirements to the Discipleship Council, which will be evaluated annually. Additionally, accept financial oversight and responsibility for all Ministry activities, programs, retreats and mission trips
  • Sets appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity
  • Supports the ministries of Mt. Zion by being visible at functions and faithfully tithing as an act of worship.

How To Apply

Each candidate should submit the following by Jan. 31, 2023:

  • A written copy of his/her personal salvation testimony including his/her call to preach.
  • A complete resume including all secular and ministry positions.
  • A doctrinal statement, which must include his/her stand on:
  • Why he/she is a Baptist (and his/her commitment to remain Baptist).
  • His convictions on the King James or more contemporary Bible, music, ecumenical movement, etc
  • Salvation, eternal security, Deity of Christ, Return of Christ, baptism, local church, church discipline, deacons, pastoral authority, standards, predestination, affiliations and other important doctrines
  • Social topics such as abortion, homosexuality, immorality, etc
  • Ministries he/she has started personally and ministries he/she may start at our church
  • Reason for leaving present ministry, if any
  • Submit a copy of a sermon
    • Submit an audio/visual of a sermon, if available

Contact: Mary Ellen Sherrill, Pulpit Committee Chair
Submit all electronically to [email protected].