Lead Pastor of Teaching & Vision

Date Posted: April 1, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Crossroads Christian Church
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Crossroads is a non-denominational church in the evangelical tradition.  Crossroads is a member of two church-planting networks: The Summit Collaborative and Orchard Group.

The Lead Pastor of Teaching & Vision provides leadership in the areas of: preaching, teaching ministries, shepherding the congregation, and overall leadership of the church body.  This person will advance the mission of God by casting a vision for the next season of mission and ministry at Crossroads and by preaching, teaching, and shepherding the congregation.  This person will also work closely with the Executive Pastor to ensure the vision is executed and in alignment with Crossroads’ values and mission.

Primary Responsibilities: 

Teaching – preaching at a majority of Sunday gatherings, providing vision and leadership to the teaching & prayer ministries of the church, developing current and future Bible teachers and preachers, and collaborating with the pastors/staff to plan and execute Sunday gatherings.

Vision Casting – leading church leaders to develop and/or clarify the mission/vision of Crossroads.  Then, leading the church body to clearly understand the purpose and direction that Crossroads is moving towards and leading people to begin uniting around that vision.

Shepherding – providing pastoral care to members of Crossroads (hospital visits, counseling, ministry of presence, weddings, funerals, conflict resolution, overseeing church discipline, etc) as well as leading the church through a season of change and growth.

Leadership Development – each staff member is responsible for helping identify, train, and empower leaders. This includes the theological, personal, and contextual development of members, interns, deacons, and elders.

Profile of a “Good Fit” for Crossroads: 


  • Gospel Calling – evidence of genuine gospel transformation.
  • Pastoral calling – desire and track record of affirmation of pastoral gifting.
  • Contextual calling – an understanding of the urban realities of Brooklyn, and evidence of cultural adaptability and ability to lead in a multicultural environment. 


  • Spiritual – deep communion with God & ongoing personal renewal.
  • Humble – reputation for being self-aware, teachable and responsive. 
  • Teachable – aware of the limitations of your own knowledge and abilities and willing to learn from others.
  • Relational – cultivating rhythms that lead to friends, spouse, and children flourishing.
  • Qualified – no disqualifying sin issues (1 Tim 3; 1 Pet. 5; Titus 1). 


  • Every position on our team demands an entrepreneurial spirit and a building mentality. You must have the capacity to not only manage our current realities, but dream and implement a vision and ministries that will take us to the next season from 100 to 300 people. 
  • We need someone who can cast a vision for the next season at Crossroads and who can help us institutionalize to put down permanent roots in the neighborhood.


  • Theological Commitments – will teach and provide counsel in full affirmation of our statement of beliefs and affirmations.
  • Team Leadership – we desire to function as a diverse, unified, and interdependent leadership team with clear lanes of authority but a lot of freedom (i.e. must be a self-starter as well as respect authority).
  • Urban Sensibilities – we joyfully live in and feel at home in the rawness, brokenness, beauty, density, diversity, and dynamic nature of the city.
  • Personal Chemistry – we want to be friends and have fun together. 


  • Theological Competency – Well versed with major biblical and theological categories and can teach others with humble confidence.
  • Organizational Competency – ability to thrive as a high-level leader of an organization in a rapidly changing environment.  Must also be able to operate with professionalism in the workplace and utilize the systems Crossroads has in place for communication, church management, and discipleship.
  • Relational Competency – understands the dynamics of the heart and relates with ease to others in their joys, pains, sins, struggles, and development.

Preferred Qualifications (not required):

  • Bilingual (English + Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese)
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Theology
  • Previous experience in a lead pastor, teaching pastor, or discipleship pastor role.

How To Apply

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to [email protected].  A member of the Search Team will contact you regarding next steps.