Music Director

Date Posted: February 11, 2022
Hours Per Week: 20
First Congregational Church of Hamilton
Hamilton, MA, United States
Job Type: Music or Worship Director
Other Details

Part-Time Music Director for FCCH

Overview: The part-time Music Director will work 20 hours per week. He or she will report to and work in collaboration with the Senior Pastor in overseeing and coordinating all aspects of FCCH musical worship. This includes directing the church choir and collaborating with key layleaders, the laypeople of our church, and other participants to conduct worship services that include a blend of traditional and contemporary elements and styles.

Qualifications: The part-time Music Director must meet the following qualifications to be considered for the position:

  1. Demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and commitment to His church.
  2. Possesses strong musical, communication, people, and organizational skills.
  3. Demonstrates the ability to provide loving and creative leadership to a variety of people.
  4. Experience implementing a variety of musical styles in ways that result in skillful, harmonious, and reverent worship services.
  5. Possesses a degree in music with experience preparing music, leading voice and instrumental rehearsals.
  6. Demonstrates the ability to solicit and cultivate a wide range of participation from those who are musically gifted within a church body.
  7. Preferred (not required): Possesses a deep knowledge and appreciation for the history of Christian worship and liturgy.

Vision: The part-time Music Director will share and support the following musical vision:

  1. Theologically Centered: Corporate worship that is true to the scriptures and exalts the gospel of the Triune God.
  2. Liturgically Structured: Liturgical order serves as the primary leader and guide, blending musical worship with the reading of scripture, preaching and prayer.
  3. Corporately Integrated: Worship that unites a diversity of styles in one service, led by a variety of instrumentation including piano, guitar, organ, etc.
  4. Congregational & Choral: Music that emphasizes congregational participation, incorporating the use of hymnals, contemporary worship music and traditional choral music.

Responsibilities: The part-time Music Director includes participation, oversight, and direction in each of the following:

  1. Congregational Singing: hymns (traditional, modern), responses, doxology.
  2. Direction of the Choir: monthly and special performances, weekly rehearsals.
  3. Oversight of the Organist: performance, scheduling, accompaniment.
  4. Administration: music budget, song planning, filing, organization of music room.
  5. Special Music: soloists, ensembles, instrumental, readings, etc.
  6. Special Annual Services: Lent, Easter, Summer configuration, Thanksgiving, Advent, Lessons in Carols, Christmas Eve.
  7. Team Leadership: recruit, train, and lead musicians and vocalists.
  8. Team Involvement: staff meetings, meetings with Senior Pastor, meetings with musicians and vocalists.
  9. Instrument Maintenance: organ, piano, mics, misc.
  10. Communications and Education: some responsibility in the following areas as time allows: weekly announcements, website, newsletters, Sunday school classes.
  11. Special Events: the part-time Music Director position does not require involvement in special events (e.g. concerts, hymn sings, jam sessions, events across FCCH ministries). However, he/she could be consulted and participate as availability allows.

How To Apply

Please send resume to [email protected].