Date Posted: October 11, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Presbyterian Kirk of the Keys
Marathon, FL, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

We seek a solo pastor for our ECO Presbyterian Church.

Establish intimate, authentic, and inspirational worship in the Florida Keys, bringing the word of God and his Holy Gospel to all that will hear it, as a church body that celebrates and embraces the opportunity to represent God to the lost.

What We Believe:

As an ECO (Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians) Church in good standing, we are serious about being a Reformed body of believers in the Evangelical tradition. Those already aligned with ECO understand the importance of this as our Essential Tenets must be agreed to and followed by every ECO pastor and elder. These Essential Tenets are tied to our Confessional Standards as reliable expositions of Holy Scripture. They are for us the theological foundation of what we consider to be essential to our faith and practice. By agreement with these Essential Tenets, we eliminate many of the controversies that sometimes arise in churches concerning major doctrines of the faith.
Besides our Essential Tenets, we also abide by a uniquely Presbyterian Polity that has its foundation in the work of the local congregation, guided by 22 pages of basic regulations that help us do our work of ministry decently and in order. Therefore, our next pastor must either be already ordained in ECO or must be ordainable in ECO according to our Essential Tenets and ECO Polity.

See the Church Profile for information about us and what we are looking for in a pastor.

How To Apply

Please send resume to [email protected].