Date Posted: September 7, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40-48
Blue Ridge Community Church
Ruckersville, VA, USA
Job Type: Solo Pastor
Other Details

Pastoral Job Posting

Blue Ridge Community Church is joyfully sending our current pastor and his family into full-time overseas missions. Therefore, we are seeking a full-time pastor who meets the scriptural qualification of an elder (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1) to lead our congregation in carrying out our vision to live life together as we actively pursue a life of worship, training, outreach, and missions. The church desires a spirit-filled individual with a pastoral heart, a passion for evangelism and a commitment to equip the body to carry out our mission statement:

 “A community united in following Jesus Christ, celebrating His love, and sharing Him with our neighbors.”

BRCC was established in 1998 and is located 8 miles north of Charlottesville, Virginia. Our congregation is primarily composed of middle-income and professional families of varying church backgrounds. We are evangelical and charismatic in that we believe the Bible is God\’s inspired word and the only infallible guide to faith and practice; and that the Holy Spirit is God and actively at work in our lives and the world today. We place a strong emphasis on community, worship, and discipleship. In addition to weekly worship services, we participate in weekly small groups focused on fellowship, prayer, and Biblical study. The church is led by a team of elders including the pastor who operate under a consensus leadership model.

Primary Responsibilities: 

The pastor along with the elders is responsible for the vision and the stewardship of the church’s mission as well as ensuring that the church is growing to be more like Jesus and functioning in a spiritually healthy manner. The pastor will be primarily responsible for coordinating the weekly worship services and providing spiritual leadership to the members of the church. His duties will include preparing sermons approximately three out of four Sundays. It will also be his responsibility to interpret and encourage application of scripture for the congregation and collaborate with worship leaders to integrate music into church services. Although our home groups are the primary point of contact for individual spiritual and practical care, where warranted the pastor will coordinate or provide care and counseling to assist church members. For the reasons above, the job hours may be irregular as time must be balanced between conducting worship services, attending church social events, and completing administrative duties.  

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the pastor will work with the elders and other key leaders to:

  • Shepherd individuals to experience an ongoing life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Model, train, and encourage evangelism in our media driven, value changing, post-covid culture.
  • Further our vision to grow, strengthen and diversify the local church.
  • Nurture healthy, God-centered relationships, marriages, families, and parenting
  • Foster community outreach as well as promote cross-cultural missions
  • Encourage our youth ministry as well as advise ministry leaders in teaching all ages through the Christian education program
  • Promote, train, and encourage home group leaders
  • Provide pastoral care through visitation, counseling, and prayer.
  • Facilitate open lines of communication between church leadership and the congregation
  • Perform visitor follow-up in coordination with the hospitality team
  • Supervise administrative staff, facilities staff, and volunteers

How To Apply

Think you would be a good fit? Please send us your resume, a link to a sermon sample or podcast and four references to our email [email protected]. You can learn more about our church at www.brccOnline.org