Date Posted: September 9, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
First Baptist Church
Hoosick Falls, NY, USA
Job Type: Solo Pastor
Other Details

Pastoral Opportunity
First Baptist Church
Hoosick Falls, NY

The First Baptist Church of Hoosick Falls is a small-town church in a quaint, rural community that ministers to a multi-generational congregation that is currently part of the American Baptist Church Association.

Our Sunday average attendance is 45-50. We gather in worship each Sunday from 10a.m.-11a.m. with Sunday School classes available for children, ages 4-11, during the service. There is a solid group of volunteer Sunday School teachers who work in pairs each Sunday throughout the year to provide biblically based lessons for the children. We also have a core group of youth that assist in the Sunday School programming in various ways, such as our annual fall festival and vacation bible school. In the recent past, we have had an active youth group that has met regularly throughout the year and attended various youth retreats. We connect as a church family each Sunday after service to enjoy fellowship time together in our church hall.

Recently, our building committee renovated our church kitchen to provide more efficient work areas that has maximized our space and made it more conducive when hosting events. Additionally, we updated our restrooms and expanded the parking lot to include handicap spaces and more ample lighting.

We are committed to serving Christ through various local, national and international ministries. Our congregation has come together to serve meals at shelters, arrange our annual Thanksgiving together dinner, volunteer at our local food pantry and support needs in our community as they arise.

We have had an active choir of a range of ages that we hope to revive in the future. During the pandemic, we met the spiritual needs of our congregants by recording the service and emailing it out to our church family each week, a practice that we still continue today. We seek to be more innovative in meeting the spiritual needs and connecting to our community in unique ways by discovering the strengths of our growing church family. We hope that our future pastor partners with us in discipling our church body and helping us identify other ways to minister to our community.

We have been encouraged by our new attendees who shared with us that they have felt welcomed by our congregation. It is our desire to cultivate and build lasting relationships within our church family as well as connect with our community through outreach opportunities. We are looking for a dedicated and caring shepherd, committed to leading us in unpacking our weaknesses and guiding us, individually and collectively, how to strengthen our congregation in order to reach others to share the love of Christ.

In awareness of the support needed for ministry together, the congregation and minister mutually
agree to support one another in private and public prayer. Our future pastor must be in agreement with our Church’s statement of faith.

Congregational Desires for Our Pastor:
• To love the Lord and has a heart for sharing Christ with others.
• To be an engaging preacher who uses Biblically based sermons to inspire our church family and others to apply their faith in their daily lives.
• Communicate and work effectively with all age groups and personality types.
• Minister effectively to people in crisis and makes pastoral visits with people in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, or in their homes.
• Be a compassionate and caring person, sensitive to the needs of others, mature and emotionally secure, and has a good sense of the direction of their ministry.
• Be effective in planning and leading worship, and works regularly at reaching out to the unchurched, the infrequent attendees and bringing new members into the church family.
• Be a good leader who builds a sense of fellowship among the people with whom they work.
• Possess a passion for equipping and mobilizing all church members for the work of ministry.
• Represent our church well in the community by his faith and unquestioned integrity.
• Be an insightful counselor who maintains confidentiality, and helps people work together in solving problems and resolving conflicts.
• Support ABC/NYS & ABC/USA programs and encourage others to support these, either monetarily or by attending events.

Realistic Expectations:
We recognize that the above list of congregational desires represent the ideals for our Congregation, but that no pastor can fully satisfy each of these desires.
We recognize that each pastor comes with a unique mix of gifts, talents, and abilities that give him/her strengths in some of the above areas but less so in other areas.
We recognize that each pastor may have a different relationship with and view of the American Baptist denomination. Whatever that view or relationship, we expect our pastor to refrain from any words or actions critical of the denomination or detrimental to this church’s relationship with the denomination.

Salary/Benefits: Commensurate with experience.
*We have a 4-bedroom parsonage of historical note available next door to the church.

How To Apply

Much more detailed information is available to you after an initial interview with The First Baptist Church Search Committee.

If interested in this position, please email a cover letter, resume and three letters of reference to [email protected].