Pastor of Discipleship and Worship

Date Posted: June 9, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40
First Alliance Church
Lexington, NC, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Our church is a growing congregation with people of all ages and backgrounds.   Our average morning worship attendance is approximately 300.  We are looking for an associate pastor, with several years of ministry experience, to provide leadership in several, diverse areas.  We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical denomination with ministries in over 70 nations throughout the world.  The candidate does not need to have an Alliance background but should be in accord with the doctrine and mission of the C&MA.

Discipleship (40%) — As a church committed to personal discipleship, we are prioritizing the deliberate and strategic multiplication of disciples in our church, including through the kinds of formal methods outlined below.  Most of these efforts are already up and running and yielding real fruit, but they still need deliberate guidance,  encouragement, and oversight to \”take root\” completely in the life of our congregation and become self-sustaining.

  • Planning, Oversight, and Expansion of Small-Group, SS, and Discipleship Ministries (for Adults)
  • D-Groups (one-to-one and \”triad\”-based mentoring)
  • Small Groups
  • Adult Bible Fellowships (Sunday mornings)
  • Missional Community (So far, we have one.)
  • Prayer Ministries
  • Leadership Training with regard to all of the above
  • Active Participation at the D-Group and Small Group Level (at a minimum)
  • May look for ways to integrate this with worship team leadership (see below)

Worship (35%) — This is not the traditional worship leader who stands up front and leads every service.  We are looking for someone to provide leadership for a team-led worship ministry that has been run by gifted and committed lay people for the past 15 years.  The job has gotten too big for them to do without dedicated leadership at the staff level.   Our \”style\” would probably be described as \”blended/contemporary-leaning,\”  We currently have three different worship leaders, about 20 vocalists, 10 instrumentalists, and 10 tech people (including projection, sound, and live-streaming).

  • Oversee and Manage the Worship Team (instrumentalists, vocalists, tech crew, occasional special music)
    • Scheduling
    • Training
    • Staffing / Recruiting
    • Providing Spiritual Direction
    • Improving Services (including upgrading equipment, software, etc.)
    • Guiding Instrumentalists / Vocalists / Tech People — Musically
      • Balance / EQ
      • Presentation
      • Key Selection, Song Selection, Service Structure, etc.
      • Accompaniment Techniques
      • Song Introduction / Testimony / Active Worship Leading / Scripture Selection
    • NOT required to lead worship every week or even most weeks
    • Piano and/or Guitar proficiency is strongly desired
    • Enough knowledge of music theory and performance to handle all of the above, in all likelihood will have had some formal musical training

Pastoral Care (25%)

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in Visitation, Counseling, and Preaching Ministries
    • Personal, Hospital, Crisis Visitation (work toward 20-25% of the total load)
    • Informal counseling as able
    • Preaching up to 4-5x per year

Our lead pastor is in his early 50\’s and has over 20 years of experience preaching and leading churches.  His primary gifts lie in the preaching, teaching, and personal counseling areas.  The average attendance of the church is approximately 300, which leads to the need for pastoral care and visitation to be part of the associate\’s job description.  There is a strong group of about 10 elders who also help, to varying degrees, in mentoring, teaching and visitation.

How To Apply

Please send a resume and a cover letter with a brief personal testimony.

Contact — Lead Pastor, Rev. Paul Titus, [email protected].