Pastor of Family and Student Ministry

Date Posted: February 12, 2022
Hours Per Week: 45-50
Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, TN, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Principle Function

The Pastor of Students and Families is responsible for the spiritual leadership and development of specific ministries for students from Birth-High School and their parents. The end goal is a student who is:

  1. Actively engaged in Worship both corporately and privately
    • Corporate—Attending, Participating, Giving
    • Private—Equipped to spend time with the Lord daily in Word and Prayer
  2. Actively engaged in Fellowship
    • Having a smaller community where they are known, loved, encouraged and challenged
  3. Actively engaged in Missions
    • Discovering and consistently using their gifts to serve our church, Knoxville and the world.

Functional Responsibilities

Leadership- To invest time and effort into developing relationships with the Children’s and Student Ministries’ staffs for their spiritual and professional growth.

  1. Will have regular meetings with individual staff members for their care and encouragement.
  2. Spending time identifying strengths and weaknesses and devising plans to aid growth in staff.
  3. Will be ultimately responsible for hiring and training of staff in these areas.
  4. Will initiate and run meetings to keep staff on the same page.
  5. Will recruit and lead a Family Ministry leadership team consisting of officers, parents and volunteers.

Vision- To align the vision of all Ministries to Students  and Parents to the overall vision of Cedar Springs.

  1. Will ensure alignment between all ministries underneath him (Nursery, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School).
  2. Will be particularly mindful of the “hand-offs” between ministries—Early Childhood to Elementary, Elementary to Middle School, Middle School to High School, High School to College, College to Young Adults—and help develop ways to retain folks through each transition.
  3. Will help plan and develop a curriculum plan for all those Birth-High School.
  4. Will continue to look for new and creative ways to do ministry in order to stay relevant and effective.
  5. Will develop a plan to ensure that the staff can track members and children of members so that they can be encouraged and shepherded.
  6. Will lead by example, which means he will also be active in building relationships with families and parents.

Parents- To truly work in partnership with parents in order for them to disciple their students.

  1. Being proactive in communicating the role of parents as main disciplers of their children.
  2. Being proactive in creating resources and being a resource to parents.
  3. Will run and create programs and events for parents to step into this role (ex. Modern Day Knights, Family Camp, Family VBS, etc.).
  4. Creating curriculum for parents to be used in Sunday School classes, Community Groups and Electives.

Mission/ Ministry Will know and be ultimately responsible for all programs and aspects of the ministry to those Birth-College and their parents.

  1. To give oversight and administer programs and/or meetings that will challenge students to use their gifts to further the Gospel.
  2. To give oversight and administer programs and/or meetings that will nourish in the faith those who profess Christ as Savior and Lord .
  3. Will teach in Adult Sunday School classes and in Electives.
  4. Will actively participate (as needed) in the various programs we have for those in Birth-High School.

Organizational Relationships:

The Pastor of Students and Families functions within the following organizational parameters:

  1. Directly responsible to the Executive Pastor.
  2. Will work in and through the Family Ministry Leadership Team.

Personal Conduct

The Pastor to Students and Families is expected to grow in his spiritual walk with Christ, his commitment to the Body of Believers, and in his burden for those who are lost through:

  1. Daily devotional time.
  2. Maintenance of character consistent with Biblical standards for those in leadership.
  3. Attendance at all church-wide functions.
  4. Attendance at age-appropriate ministry functions not in conflict with ministry schedule.

How To Apply

Please send your resume’ to Andrew Keasling at:

[email protected].