Pastor of Mission and Discipleship

Date Posted: October 18, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Coastal Community Church
Pismo Beach, CA, United States
Job Type: Associate Pastor,Missions Pastor
Other Details

Coastal Community Church is on the beautiful central coast of California. We’re a gospel centered church which is orthodox in its theology, liberal in its love for the outsider, and faithful to having God’s Word determine our standards and how we live our life. We believe God loves us just as we are and God loves us too much to leave us that way. We believe faith is not about spiritual performance, but a radical honesty and vulnerability. The Gospel tells me we are more broken than we want to admit and more loved than we could ever dare to hope. This is terrible news if we want to be in absolute control over my life. Trusting Jesus also means we say yes to the adventure of joining His restoration work in our community. So to be a leader, or a pastor, at Coastal Community Church is to jump head long into an adventure of service, prayer, worship, honesty, and dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Position Success Statement: When insiders and outsiders are trusting Jesus, living from their identity in Christ, and learning to disciple others. When the Gospel is proclaimed and prayed into the everyday lives of our people.

Accountability: The Pastor of Mission and Discipleship reports to Head of Staff and is supervised by the Elders.

Compensation: Starting at $80,000 per year, with full participation in the Presbytery retirement plan. 31 Days paid vacation and 14 days paid leave for professional development. $10,000 in medical and professional expenses to cover co-pays, medicines, gas, and the related expenses of investing in people with meals, gifts, and gas.

Qualifications: This position requires a calling as a pastor for mission, discipleship, teaching, and preaching. This person will be dedicated to creating and maintaining the necessary teams and processes for leadership development, discipleship, and mission. This person will be gifted in reaching brand new people with the Gospel—what has traditionally been called the gift of evangelism. This person will be dedicated to honesty with God and others, repentance, trusting Jesus, and vulnerability among peers. This person will see every interaction and time with our church as an opportunity to help others trust Jesus and build their lives on His Gospel.

Primary Responsibilities

A. Leading our church to love specific communities: ‘Mission’ starts with sacrificial love within relationships. As we love sacrificially, we will earn the right to proclaim the Gospel with our words. Gather a team of people to serve a specific community, so that both the team and the community experience Jesus’ love and restoration. Cover these gatherings in prayer, love, and reflection. As the Spirit leads, offer moments of ‘gospel exchange’, where we lead people in the gospel process of exchanging our brokenness for our new identity in Christ and then practice living from our new identity.

B. Make Disciples who make disciples: Making disciples requires one-on- one and small group times of ministry. We lead people in the ‘gospel process’. The Pastor for Mission and Discipleship will:

  • Reinforce and champion the opportunities for discipleship here at CCC. Connect people to these discipleship opportunities.
  • Lead and train our ‘DNA’ and ‘Coastal Communities’ (small groups) leaders. Help gather and launch new Coastal Communities.
  • Work alongside the Minister of Communications to ensure the church can visually see the process of discipleship, understand it’s significance, and then plug into discipleship opportunities.
  • Alongside the Head of Staff, provide training and encouragement for small group leaders, future and existing Elders, Deacons, and Leaders.
  • Help lead Coastal Core (our membership pathway) and the 3 leadership retreats we have each year.
  • Gather new visitors with Minister of Congregational Life to help people enter the discipleship pathway.
  • Work alongside our existing team that serves migrant farm workers in Guadalupe. Build relationships and leaders to make a significant impact.
  • Identify new communities to serve where there is energy and gather, equip, and launch teams to serve.
  • Oversee the Change for a Dollar ministry on Sundays.

C. Alpha: Equip teams to model a culture of relational evangelism

  • Work with teams to identify people groups for outreach
  • Lead prayer walks in the community
  • Identify, train, coach, encourage, and resource Alpha teams
  • Collect and share stories
  • Develop a ‘trellis’ for reproducing Alpha helpers, hosts and leaders
  • Provide post-Alpha follow up opportunities

D. Worship Leadership: The Pastor for Discipleship and Mission will preach 12-15 times a year. Preach the Gospel, with passion and love. Preaching through passages of Scripture, preach to the hearts of our people about the truth of the Gospel, God’s heart for us, and how to live a life of significance while trusting Jesus.

  • On Sundays—pray with others, encourage our teams as they do their work, and plug people into the life of discipleship and service.
  • Connect with new visitors.
  • Lead in worship in prayer, Change for a Dollar interviews, communion,and praying with people after service
  • Connect the Sunday sermon with everyday life through Table Talki. Steward a culture of open conversation that leads to gospel exchangeii. Identify, train, encourage, coach and resource Table Talk teams Develop a ‘trellis’ for reproducing Table Talk hosts and leaders

E. Supervision: The Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor will supervise all staff together. Supervision at CCC uses the tool of \’90 day goals’ so that staff manage their own goals and timetables.

  • Create and manage 90 Goals with designated employees
  • Work with Senior Pastor on supervision, discipline, and hiring processes
  • Help mentor and train employees to their fullest potential.
  • Be a resource in challenging HR situations, should abuse or negligentsituations happen.

F. Presbytery Involvement: As a church affiliated with our local Santa Barbara Presbytery, all of our ordained and installed ministers are asked to serve. You will attend Presbytery meetings, as able, and serve, as you are called.

How To Apply

Please take time to read through our website, what we believe, and listen to several sermons.

    1. Go to mycoastal.org/employment and click on the position title to apply.
    2. Follow the directions!

Church Office: 805-473-2766

Church website: mycoastal.org

Proposed Start date:  May 1st, 2023