Pastor of Student Ministries

Date Posted: April 28, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40
Hampton Falls First Baptist Church
Hampton Falls, NH, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
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Pastor of Student Ministry Job Description

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church seeks to hire a Pastor of Student Ministries.  This is a full-time position that completes a three-person pastoral leadership team comprised of the Lead Pastor, and the Pastor of Mission and Discipleship, and the Pastor of Student Ministries.

Areas of Responsibility and Specific Tasks

  1. Responsibility for the junior and senior high youth programs.  This entails:
    • The on-going establishment of student ministry vision and the development of strategies for realizing that vision.
    • The on-going evaluation and modification of both the vision and those strategies
    • The recruitment and pastoring of junior and senior high youth.
    • The recruitment, training, and pastoring of volunteers working with student ministries.
    • Oversight of junior and senior high Sunday school classes (teaching, curricula development, recruitment and training of teaching staff)
    • Oversight of junior and senior high youth groups (teaching, program development, recruitment and training of volunteer staff)
    • Planning for, organizing, and participating in student activities associated with Family Camp.
  2. Oversight of the Children’s Ministry Director (CMD)
    • Periodic meetings with the CMD to assess needs and vision.
    • Collaboration with the CMD in directing the Milestones program at HFFBC.
  3. Sharing responsibilities with the pastoral leadership in other areas of ministry need that are based upon the needs of the church. These are responsibilities are matched to the gifts and passions of the pastoral staff.  Examples include, but are not limited to small groups, visitation, crisis calling, weddings, funerals, infant dedications, and ministry to 19-30-year-old church members.


  • The PSM is expected to be a person who is established in character, but still working on the character qualities of a leader as defined by I Timothy 3.
  • The PSM will serve as an elder on the elder board.
  • The PSM will be responsible to the lead pastor with whom you will meet regularly for the purpose of review, evaluation, goal setting, counsel, sharing and prayer.
  • The PSM will be expected to work with the Pastor of Mission and Discipleship, elder board, church council and other ministry leaders in problem solving and in building the entire ministry of the church.
  • If the PSM has a family, we expect he will make his family a priority while balancing ministry responsibilities.

The Church in Hampton Falls

Hampton Falls is a wonderful community in the heart of the bustling New Hampshire Seacoast.  The seacoast location puts the church within 45 minutes of an urban center in Boston, as well as a 45 minute drive to the lakes region of New Hampshire.  The state university is 20 miles from the church, allowing for ministry opportunities in a city, college campus or rural community.

While the town itself has a population of less than 2500 people, the town is bordered by three communities of between 10-15,000 people.

Most of the people who attend our church live within fifteen miles of the church, so we often describe our church as a seacoast community.

The church was established in 1828 and has had a presence in the community since it was incorporated.  In recent years, as the area has grown, so has the church.  In 2001, a major addition was added to the church that allowed for sanctuary seating of about 300 people and Sunday School classrooms to accommodate the educational and fellowship needs of youth and adults.

The congregation is a healthy mix of young families, middle to older adults.  People are serious about worship and attentive when Bible teaching is taking place.

Over ten percent of the annual budget is designated for world missions.   The mission committee plans for short term mission trips each year and the youth plans regular work projects to engage in ministry in major cities like Boston and New York.

Our mission statement is as follows:  Inviting all people to be disciples of Jesus Christ, By His Spirit, for His glory.  We are serious about each aspect of this statement.

The congregation is affiliated with American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire.

How To Apply

How to Apply

 Email Address:  [email protected]

Mailing Address:  First Baptist Church, 3 Lincoln Avenue, Hampton Falls, NH  03844


Please include the following:

  1. Testimony and Call to Ministry
  2. Basic doctrinal statement
  3. Resume of education and job experience
  4. Your philosophy of Youth Ministry