Pastoral Residency

Date Posted: March 17, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Richmond, VA, USA
Job Type: Residency
Other Details


  • The purpose of the residency is to provide ecclesiastical oversight of a man who is in the final stage of preparation for ministry. It is a time for the church to examine a man closely to see if he does indeed possess the gifts and calling of a minister, and therefore he will be intimately involved in all aspects of the church’s ministry. It is also a time to reveal, and hopefully compensate for, any lack in his education that is not covered in normal seminary courses.  
  • His primary duty is to learn ministry, not to do ministry. He is not another “hand on deck” but is in fact being ministered to and trained by the pastors and session. This will of course mean hands-on training as described below.
  • This is a one year residency that fulfills the requirements of  the PCA BCO 19:7-16, and to prepare men for service in the PCA.
  • This is a paid position.


  • Home visitation with pastors and elders.
  • Hospital and other visits with Pastors and elders.
  • Meet with Senior Pastor and Mentor weekly.
  • Sermon review.
  • Sermon preparation.
  • Discuss other responsibilities.
  • Book study.
  • Attend all Session and Presbytery meetings.
    • monthly report to session
  • Meet quarterly with Intern oversight committee.
    • to review interns progress in his internship 

Preaching and Leading Worship

  • At least 6 sermons at All Saints in 12 month period (4 Evening/ 2 Morning).
  • Sermon evaluations to be given from at least 3 people per sermon, both elders and laypeople.
  • Preach 4 times in other churches if possible.
  • Lead morning worship 12 times.


  • Teach 2 (6 week) sessions of adult Sunday School.
  • Teach 2 quarters of children’s Sunday School.
  • Summer Young Adult Bible Study.


  • Become licensed to preach at first possible Presbytery meeting.
  • Books and recordings prescribed as necessary depending on need.
  • Memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
  • Memorize significant portions of scripture.
  • Attend a preaching conference with one or more of the elders.


  • Office duties as assigned by Administrator.
  • Work with Administrator and Clerk to develop a manual of Session Actions.
  • Organize and lead a retreat or local outreach.


  • Attend Diaconal meetings.
  • Attend all regular church functions.
  • Any Additions needed to meet Resident’s Presbytery Requirements for residency.

How To Apply

To apply:

  • Please submit a resume or MDF, a statement of faith, and a sermon recording to [email protected]
  • This is a paid position.