Program Ministry Staff

Date Posted: May 21, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40
Place of Promise
Lowell, MA, USA
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
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Place of Promise

Place of Promise provides Christ-centered programming for men, women, and children to experience physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing. We believe that no one is too broken, hurt, or sinful to save and make new.

Place of Promise, which has been in operation for over 27 years, is expanding our adult long-term residential program and our children’s program, and is looking to hire 2 full-time staff to support this expansion. Part-time candidates may be considered.

Adult Long-Term Residential Program

Through our four residential homes and 3-level addiction recovery program, we provide a safe Christian living community that focuses on knowing God and growing in relationship with Him. We combine this faith foundation with clinical support for medical and mental care as well as life skill instruction in repentance, confession, receiving forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries, 12-step recovery tools, relapse prevention, education, and job training. Residents are prepared to lead new lives of hope and potential empowered by God and free from addictions.

Those we serve in the Adult Long-Term Residential Program:

Alcohol Abuse:  67% (Avg Age at Start: 12)
Drug Abuse:  83% (Avg Age at Start: 15)
Opioid Abuse:  84% (Avg Age at Start: 18)
Physically Abused:  58%
Sexually Abused:  67%
Incarcerated/Probation/Parole:  83%

Kids of Promise Program

The children’s program serves the neighborhood children of Lowell. Most of these children come from broken, poverty-stricken homes, having at least one parent who is in prison, addicted to drugs, or absent. The program is offered year-round, is separated into younger children and teens, and offers crafts, meals, games, and activities. Most importantly, they discover that God is always with them as they hear Bible stories and learn who God is by experiencing His love, His presence, and His character through the staff and volunteers. This program has made a huge difference in their young lives: they have a place where they fit in, feel important, and know that they matter. They feel safe with trusted adults and can let their guard down and have fun.

We serve the high-risk, low-income children of Lowell:

Ages: 6-14
Male (71%), Female (29%)
African American (63%), Hispanic (37%)
First Generation (48%), Refugee (19%)
At least one parent in prison, addicted to drugs, or absent: 93%

Program Ministry Staff

The Program Ministry Staff candidates will primarily be focused on the Adult Long-Term Residential program and will work closely with the Founder and Program Director (Elizabeth Kidd) to develop and implement individualized plans for each resident as well as work in both one-on-one and group counseling, teaching, and other ministry settings with the residents. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to work in the children’s program by assisting with the planning, development, and running of the Kids of Promise program. This work can include evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Place of Promise is a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit organization. We are entirely reliant upon the donations of churches, individuals, and family foundations, and we do not accept federal, state, or local funding in order to remain Christ-centric.

Place of Promise offers competitive compensation packages and benefits.

Experience working with addictive disease is not a requirement and any necessary training will be provided.

What Makes Place of Promise Unique?

Faith: Our belief is that a life must be centered on Jesus Christ. With over 85% of Place of Promise residents never having been active in church, we provide the opportunity for residents to know God, grow in relationship with Him, and become a disciple of Jesus Christ. In addition to daily group prayer, devotionals, and Bible studies, we provide the residents with an understanding of the biblical basis of life skills, recovery, and relapse prevention.

Time: Place of Promise has no fixed graduation date. Since emotional/social development stops at the age when drug use starts, every resident has a different starting point. It is not uncommon to have a resident enter Place of Promise who is 35 years old, but who functions as a 12 year old. Many residents have been in long-term residential programs before and have (temporarily) gotten sober, but have not learned the skills to rebuild their lives. Subsequently, they relapse, as they are still functioning as a “child”. Place of Promise comes alongside and focuses on the needs of each individual.

No Financial Requirement: Place of Promise serves those with no financial resource resources – they have nothing and nowhere to go, but desire a new life.

Partnership with the Local Church: While an evangelical organization, Place of Promise is not affiliated with any specific denomination and we work very closely with the local church in fulfilling our mission of helping society’s most hurt and broken rebuild their lives. Local churches provide prayer, donations, food, supplies, as well as volunteers.

An Opportunity to Minister

Place of Promise provides an opportunity for “in the trenches” ministry with men, women, and children whose lives have been broken and shattered but who genuinely desire a new life. They come to Place of Promise with a long history of homelessness, incarceration, neglected medical conditions, mental disorders, abuse, trauma, and alcohol and opioid drug addictions and are looking for help.

How To Apply

Please send a current resume and a brief personal statement of faith to [email protected].