Date Posted: November 21, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40+
Servants of Christ Anglican Church
Gainesville, FL, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Our Church

We are a small but vibrant parish of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese situated in the heart of a university town, Gainesville, Florida. Roughly 70-100 people gather at our church each week for a multi-generational service of highly engaged believers. Central to our life together is prayer and worship which is rooted in the 2019 Book of Common Prayer using a combination of high and low liturgical elements. We are looking for a pastor who displays the fruits of the Spirit, has a heart for pastoral care, and a passion for spreading the Gospel.

What we hope for in a Rector:

We have a list of qualities we hope for in a rector, but we know in the end it’s the Lord who will guide us to the one He has chosen. To help us know what our parish as a whole feel is important, we created a survey that was administered in September 2022. The results of the survey have been helpful as we self-reflect. We know, for instance, that of supreme importance to our people is that any new rector be able to give biblically-based sermons and have strong pastoral care abilities, and that being in a university town, having a strong educational background and/or commitment to lifelong learning is important. We know that we desire to have a pastor who displays the fruits of the Spirit and has a passion for spreading the Gospel. Given that we welcome many visitors, having an approachable and personable rector is important.

We can see some gaps as we have created our ministry structure and compiled information for our profile. We know that a pastor with the ability to set clear vision will be helpful as we navigate the future. We are in a place where we can look to the future and wonder how God will use this expression of His Body–the gifts of His people and the property He has given us–to further His Kingdom. We hope that our new rector will be able to continue assisting us in creating a sustainable ministry model based on lay leadership and clergy support. Rather than be united around a personality, we want to be united around a vision, each using his or her gifts to support and further the goals we define together.

We want our new rector to be an ally for those who have been marginalized in our society, especially those with disabilities and people of color. We desire to be a welcoming place for anyone who comes through our door. We want any rector that comes to us to be excited about working to heal racial issues in the Church and our city. Parishioners with visible and non-visible disabilities are a valued part of the community at Servant’s of Christ. We desire a rector who is aware of and willing to listen to issues of accessibility. Our common good is enriched by the presence and service of those with differing abilities and perspectives.


Servants of Christ adheres to the Gulf Atlantic Diocese’s Compensation and Benefits Guidelines for a rector. The combined stipend and housing allowance range for the position is $75k-$80k per year. The comprehensive benefits package includes retirement contribution, health insurance, and group life insurance. Time is provided for annual leave, continuing education, and sabbatical leave.

Please see our parish profile for more details on the history, mission, values, and details of what we are hoping for in our future pastor: https://www.servantsanglican.org/profile/

How To Apply

Interested applications should submit a CV addressed to the Reverend Cannon Mark Eldredge: [email protected]