Date Posted: 01 Tue, 2021
Hours Per Week: 20-25
Saint Michael's Anglican Church
Gallatin, TN, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Bi-vocational Rector

Background and Leadership

The Rector candidate should be a man of prayer dedicated to Scriptural and Biblical truths of the Holy Bible, and one who teaches the truths of following Christ and the traditional ways of the Anglican Communion.

The 1928 Prayer book with its beautiful Gospel liturgy should always be upheld.

Our Priest should look upon the Sanctuary as Holy space and treat it with reverence and dignity, being aware we are in the presence of God in our worship service.

The ideal candidate should be an Anglican Priest who has completed BDV seminary training, (MDV Preferred) at an ACNA recognized Seminary with preparation standards for seminaries of the Anglican Church in North America and approved Anglican Tracks as adopted by the College of Bishops in 2011.  We seek a Priest who is committed to conservative, historic Anglicanism.

The Priest should live and lead the congregation in a godly manner, working closely with the vestry in church planning and management.  He should be thoughtful of the needs of the congregation, while empowering each member to exercise his/her spiritual gifts.  We are open to any candidate deemed by God to be the Rector who can best lead Saint Michael’s forward.

Worship Emphasis

We desire a candidate who upholds the authority of Scripture.  He should be a student of all traditional forms of Anglican liturgy and devoted to upholding the sacred traditions of the church.  Our current liturgy is a high worship style that features an organ and a choir led by a music teacher and member.  Our hymnal is the current Book of Common Praise, originally published by the ACNA in 2017.

Rector Provisions and Pay

Saint Michael’s Church is a dedicated congregation worshipping in a beautiful 150-year-old historic church building in Gallatin, Tennessee.  Due to our current size and being a relatively new Church, it is desired that a Rector candidate be bi-vocational.

The annual salary provided for the Rector is $36,000.  Additional benefits will include paid vacation and other expenses will be outlined in discussions upon submittal in response to a candidate’s resume.  As this is initially a bi-vocational opportunity, we are sensitive and aware of the need for a distinct balance in our Rector’s life to provide for his family and spend time with them as well.

We believe there is a wonderful opportunity for growth in our community and we hope and pray to see Saint Michael’s continued growth reach a point where a full-time Rector opportunity will develop.  Our church is comprised of a very strong family of believers devoted to our Church mission and the continued growth of the ACNA.

Our prayers are for God to reveal an extraordinary man to teach us the truth as it is meant to be presented, both in sermons, in love and dedication to his flock.

Contact Information

Please respond with a letter of introduction and interest, a current resume and three references to:  Andy Freeman [email protected] / 407-497-0259

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Contact Information

Please respond with a letter of introduction and interest, a current resume and three references to:  Andy Freeman [email protected] / 407-497-0259.