Senior Pastor

Date Posted: September 9, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church
Parkesburg, PA, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church (UOPC) is a biblically based Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) that worships in a beautifully combined traditional and contemporary style. We have a rich history and have been impactful in our community since 1720. We are seeking a senior pastor with godly character, integrity, wisdom, and humility who demonstrates in all activities a commitment to Jesus Christ and a love for God’s people. The Pastor of Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church would be accountable to the Presbytery of the East in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, per the Presbyterian Book of Order.

We see a bright and exciting future as we seek to call our next lead pastor to shepherd us in the way that God is leading.

Job Responsibilities


  • Plan for and execute a preaching ministry which reflects sound doctrine, pastoral concern, and faithfulness to the Word of God.
    • Spend time preparing sermons through study and prayer during the week.
    • Preach biblical sermons during weekly worship services and special services (Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc).
  • Some participation in Sunday School, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, etc.


  • Use regular work time and study leave to further develop pastoral skills.
  • Attend Presbytery of the East as a continuing member and General Assembly to build relationships with fellow pastors and to learn more about the EPC.


  • Lead the congregation in worship through planning the service and participating in liturgical elements additional to the sermon (baptisms, ordinations, sacraments, etc).
  • Give special spiritual encouragement to the leaders of the church.
  • Moderate Session meetings and congregational meetings, guiding towards a common vision and focus for the church.
  • Promote opportunities for mission, service, and represent the church in the community and the larger church.
  • Develop and maintain a plan for church growth and revitalization.
  • Stimulate the planning of short- and long-term goals by the congregational leaders and staff.
  • Develop servant leaders.
  • Engage in leadership training, educational, fellowship, and congregational events.
  • Set a godly example for the congregation and elders through actions, service, attitude, words, and character.
  • Promote partnership in ministry by helping members discover their gifts and use them in ministry in their love for God, their neighbors, and each other.


  • Regularly pray for the general and specific needs of the congregation.
  • Engage with and know the members of UOPC and other people who visit regularly.
  • Work with Session and Deacons to ensure the care and visitation of the elderly, lonely, and shut-in members of the congregation.
  • Meet with members when they need counseling and, when needed, refer people to professional counselors.
  • Be present in the office during the week.
  • Offer pre-marital counseling to approved couples and officiate their marriages.
  • Comfort the grieving and officiate the funeral services of members and others who are close to the life of the church.
  • When needed, correct, rebuke, and help restore members with the help of Session.


  • Oversee the staff of the church with the help of relevant committees.
  • Regularly attend and engage in Worship Committee meetings, collaborating with Sunday morning ministry leaders to plan worship services.
  • When necessary, attend other committee meetings.
  • Maintain a godly and collaborative spirit among staff, Session, committees, and volunteers.
  • Work with the Personnel Committee to review the performance of employees and adjust staffing structure as needed.
  • Assist in initiating, developing, and resourcing the stewardship of the congregation.
  • With the help of Session, oversee the membership rolls of the church.
  • Conduct new membership classes, as needed.
  • Plan congregational life and growth.
  • Help shape the communications of the church through the website, bulletin, and other publications.
  • Document, update, and edit standard pastoral procedures with the help of Session.

How To Apply

We welcome you to contact us so that we may explore this ministry opportunity with you. Please submit your Personal Information Form, resumé, and links to any sermons/classes to the UOPC Search Committee Chair, Timothy Jones, at [email protected].

Church information form and Pastoral Job description can be found here.