Senior Pastor

Date Posted: September 20, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40-50
First Baptist Church of Westwood
Westwood, MA, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

The following eight abilities were identified and listed in order of importance to the congregation:

  1. Church Growth: The time is right for our congregation to begin a fresh, new
    relationship with members of our community who are missing the love, hope, and joy
    of a Christian experience. A small but strong core of experienced churchgoers seeks a
    Pastor who can help us understand and connect with the spiritual needs of those
    around us in a way that will bring all of our lives to a powerful new level of fulfillment,
    and strengthen both the community at large and God’s Church as a viable, meaningful
    body. We long to hear the voices of Westwood’s next generation of Baptists in our
  2. Leadership: We seek a Pastor who will help the Church clearly define its goals in
    operational terms, and who can act as a catalyst to organize the obvious as well as latent
    gifts within our members to focus on and achieve those goals.
  3. Inclusion: We want all who seek an understanding of the love of Christ to be welcome
    in His Church, and would like our Pastor to help us broaden our appeal to people of all
    backgrounds who come with an open heart.
  4. Preaching: We seek a minister with strong preaching skills who can bring God’s Word
    to bear in active service in today’s challenging world. Our Pastor should be able to
    utilize illustration and humor to deliver an inspiring and insightful message.
    Congregation members should be able to summarize the sermon and explain its main
    points to friends and family, and should have a reason to do so.
  5. Missions/Social Action: Our Pastor should be able to support and assist in the effort
    to make our faith and the grace of God manifest in the world around us; this takes the
    form of collective efforts in Missions, as well as individual efforts of conscience, which
    may vary substantially from one person to another, consistent with the principle of soul
  6. Community Involvement: We would like our Pastor to be an active, connected
    member of the Westwood area community, involved in activities and organizations as
    part of daily life, in order to be attuned to the needs and situations of those we seek to
  7. Communication: Our Pastor will need to interact efficiently and effectively with the
    Congregation, the Church Council, the employed Staff, and with the Westwood
    Community. Strong verbal skills, timeliness, thoroughness, and clarity are all needed,
    and skills with current technologies and media are highly valued.
  8. Pastoral Care: We want a Pastor who is personally interested in our members as
    people. We appreciate a phone call or visit to see how we are doing with our day-to-day
    routines, not only when we are ill or in difficulty. Our Pastor should expect to be treated
    as a friend by our members, to share the joys and pains of human life in a caring
    community. Key descriptions are: warm, personable, compassionate, caring and

How To Apply

Please contact Dr. Ronald Bouthillette  at [email protected]