Senior Pastor

Date Posted: September 22, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40-50
First Baptist Church
Arlington, MA, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details


As the spiritual leader of the Church, the Pastor is responsible for worship preparation, preaching and teaching to guide the congregation to express praise, thanksgiving and devotion to God.  In addition to interpreting the faith through a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian theology, he or she also leads a strong tradition of pastoral care (including counseling, visitation and spiritual life coaching), lay ministry development, evangelism and education planning for an inter-generational, multicultural congregation. The Pastor cultivates a nurturing fellowship in which members feel accepted and included.  He or she initiates program development to grow and enhance the spiritual, educational and social life ministry of the church.

The Pastor serves as an officer of the Church and has general supervision over the total program of the Church.  The Pastor is accountable to the Church Council via the Pastoral Relations Committee.  He or she supervises the Church staff, which consists of a half-time secretary, a custodian and a part-time choir director.

The Pastor participates in budgeting/financial management planning, liaison work with all committees, administration of a pastoral discretionary fund for member financial aid and ecumenical cooperation in the town of Arlington.

The Pastor will work with the church social media team and multi-media technology team to expand the Church’s ministry to the congregation and to grow its impact in the community.

How To Apply

This is an American Baptist Church that is in need of church revitalization.

This congregation is diverse in background, in culture and in theological perspective in such a way that it is open, and it is welcoming to all.  It is generally evangelical, but not in a strongly ideological way.  There is not any theological litmus test for being active in the leadership or for participation in Bible studies or worship leadership.  There is not a strong need in this congregation to agree on or abide by any specific theological perspective, other than being Christ-centered.  In a Church Profile written 20 years ago, a fairly detailed statement was created including the traditional items from an ordination paper outline.  However, this did not then, nor does it now hold sway in any concrete way for this church family

One distinguishing characteristic of this congregation is that although current worship is largely New England traditional, members come from a diversity of Christian worship backgrounds.  Just looking at the 40-50 people who are active in worship and in Bible studies, there are the reserved New Englanders, along with members from the South and Midwest who blend with worshippers from Cameroon, China and Haiti.  The leadership of the church and the active congregation is made up of a fairly equal mixture of African American and Caucasian members.  There are also a variety of worship style backgrounds including lively worship, Roman Catholic and other Protestant traditions.  Also, we believe that given the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the active congregation members, there could be a possible openness to experience a diversity of worship styles going into the future.

The general atmosphere of the congregation is that they are comfortable identifying as an American Baptist congregation.  A strong contingent of our leadership is engaged with our local Baptist Stillman Association, regional TABCOM activities, and national ABC/USA annual offerings.

There is a desire for Biblical preaching, and for sermons which engage with current culture, social and ethical concerns.  However, with a clear diversity of political persuasions, there is a desire to avoid any particular political party or point of view being expressed from the pulpit.

This congregation is diverse in background, in culture and in American Baptist theological perspectives.

To Apply contact Dr. Ron Bouthillette, [email protected].