Senior Pastor

Date Posted: February 11, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Ridgefield Baptist Church
Ridgefield, CT, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
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Job Summary

The Senior pastor is called to shepherd the church, not under compulsion, or as lording it over the flock, but through exercising oversight and being an example. He is called to pray and minister according to the Word of God, oversee the pastoral care of the flock and lead the church and staff in achieving God’s purpose for the local church. He will seek and champion God’s vision for the church. He will be the primary preacher/teacher and oversee the curricular direction of our teaching. He will provide such pastoral care as that which requires his attention. He will minister to and support the lay leaders in using their God-given gifts to support ministries that spread the Gospel in Ridgefield and beyond.

The Ministry of Prayer and the Word

This ministry of feeding the flock is the primary responsibility of the Senior Pastor.

  1. He shall maintain a regular and systematic prayer concern for individuals in the church.
  2. He shall maintain a program of personal devotion to deepen his own walk with God.
  3. He shall be the regular preacher—teacher in the Sunday morning service through expository preaching of God’s word.
  4. He shall be the primary guide to the curricular teaching of the church. He shall work with the Associate Pastor, Sunday School Coordinator and teachers to ensure that we are teaching the whole counsel of God in a comprehensive and practical way.
  5. He shall take a significant role in the leadership training of the church.
  6. He may teach or speak in other church classes or groups.

The Ministry of Pastoral Care

The ministry of pastoral care is very important but does not just fall to the Senior Pastor. He will lean on the Elders to assist in the caring and counseling of the flock.

  1. He shall give personal attention and pastoral care to members.
  2. He shall counsel those needing his help with personal problems or with spiritual questions within the parameters of his expertise.
    • When needed, may also make referrals to competent individuals/agencies outside the congregation.
  3. He shall minister in times of bereavement to offer comfort and conduct services.
  4. He may conduct wedding ceremonies he deems biblically appropriate according to his and the church’s principles.
    • He shall oversee premarital training.

The Ministry of Leadership

Influential leadership is also vitally important. His time invested must be in championing vision and multiplying ministry.

  1. He shall spearhead the ministry of the Elders along with serving as an ex-oficio member of each board.
  2. He shall continually and prayerfully seek and champion God’s vision for our church.
  3. He shall lead our pursuit of God in worship, working with the Worship Director to create an encounter with God which is inspiring to believers and inviting to seekers.
  4. He shall model discipleship and, by word and example, encourage the congregation to be growing disciples who seek to multiply their lives in others.
  5. He shall offer a warm welcome and open atmosphere in our services.
  6. He shall provide inspiration and instruction to the congregation as we implement our God-given vision together.

Senior Pastor – Requirements

  1. Ordained (or eligible for ordination) in an Evangelical church with at least 8 years of pastoral ministry experience and agreement with RBC’s doctrinal statement.
  2. Gospel-centered preaching in a method that communicates boldly and humbly to a diverse audience, including Christians and non-Christians.
  3. Strong Biblical character: consistently exhibiting spiritual maturity, integrity, purity and humility; prayerful dependence on God and a life above reproach.
  4. Ministry & Vision Fit: understands and embraces RBC’s commitment to gospel centrality, gospel formation of disciples through preaching and small groups, and service within our community and region.

Senior Pastor – Preferred Qualifications

Meaningful and effective ministry tenure in the Northeast US for at least 5 years; have a heart for the Northeast and an acute awareness of both the unique challenges and opportunities that ministry in the Northeast affords.

Exhibits visionary servant-leadership and motivated to participate in the greater movement of evangelical churches in our region.

  • Strategic & Entrepreneurial Thinker: action-oriented yet reflective, and a self-starter.
  • Visionary: motivates, clarifies values, inspires to a specific future.
  • Collegial: works towards common goals and manages conflict well.
  • Aligner: unites people around a common vision.
  • Team Builder: develops, supports and empowers others.
  • Winsomely Evangelistic: personally, engages with non-Christians and inspires others to do the same.

How To Apply

Please email the Search Committee to apply or recommend a candidate: [email protected]

Applicants: Please include a cover letter, resume/CV, and testimony.