Senior Pastor

Date Posted: October 12, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Carmel Presbyterian Church
Carmel, CA, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Senior Pastor, Head of Staff

Carmel Presbyterian Church, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Our mission: We glorify God and share His love as we Connect People to Christ.

Current Church Background

Carmel Presbyterian Church (CPC) is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor. We are currently under the leadership of a transitional pastor who has been working with Session, the staff, and the congregation since February 2023 to help us review and renew our commitment to our mission, develop a framework for our culture and practices to accomplish our mission, and to lay the foundation for a successful transition to the new permanent Senior Pastor. CPC has been a consistent witness to the Gospel for almost 70 years. Much of our congregation is 55 or older, yet we would like to grow younger, and have historically had an exceptionally strong youth program. We are passionate about the great commission and dedicate approximately 16% of our funding towards missions. We hold two worship services – a traditional and a contemporary – and are known for our warm community of faith.

Senior Pastor Profile

The Senior Pastor will lead the congregation to fulfill our mission through strong Biblical preaching, creating a culture of worship and love for the Lord and for each other. The pastor will do likewise in supervising and empowering the staff creating a family-like culture focused on glorifying God. The pastor will work with Session in discipling elders, seeking the Lord’s will for CPC, and in establishing and guiding our church efforts to fulfill our mission. The new Senior Pastor will exemplify a deep faith, a compassionate, warm, and joyful demeanor, and strong communication skills both written and verbal.


The Senior Pastor will be accountable to the Session of CPC, the Personnel Committee, and to Bluewater ECO Presbytery. The role and responsibilities of the pastor may be further refined from time to time as indicated by the needs of the church and by the mutual agreement of the Senior Pastor and the Personnel Committee, with the approval from the Session.



  • Preach strong, inspiring, biblically based and referenced messages that proclaim the gospel, help believers to grow in their understanding of the Bible and are accessible to nonbelievers.
  • Preach on approximately 75% of the Sundays and schedule opportunities for staff, gifted lay leaders, and guest preachers for the remaining Sundays.


  • Work closely and warmly with staff to create a unified team working to fulfill our mission.
  • Plan and oversee staff meetings, prayer, worship, retreats, and other appropriate staff activities.
  • Lead Staff in designing and implementing church-wide activities such as education classes, volunteer opportunities, and outreach events in support of our mission.
  • Work closely with appropriate staff to report to Session or various committees regarding the day-to-day operations and ministries of the church.
  • Supervise and evaluate the following:
    • Assistant Pastor.
    • Minister of Worship.
    • Church Administrator.
    • Director of Student Ministries.


  • Moderate Session meetings in accordance with ECO polity and CPC bylaws.
  • Supervise new elder training.
  • Work with the Clerk of Session to design Session meetings with a focus on worship and training to carry out elder functions.
  • Guide Session in developing vision and strategy for various ministry areas.


  • Lovingly guide the Session, staff, and congregation, equipping them to carry out the ministry of CPC.


  • Be a warm, personal presence that builds community through deep listening, compassion, and grace with the congregation, staff, and Session.
  • Regularly participate in fellowship activities both at church and in congregants’ homes.


  • Frequently communicate with the congregation through multiple channels, as well as with the staff and Session.

Character and Personal Qualities

  • Deep faith: Commitment to personal growth and spiritual formation. Guides actions and decisions through prayer and Bible study.
  • Intergenerational sensitivity: Awareness of the needs across generations, especially differing preferences for worship style and the needs of singles, couples, and families.
  • Positive spirit: Demonstrates a spirit of hope and anticipation of a flourishing church.
  • Organized: Is able to manage multiple tasks, meetings, sermon deadlines, and communications, in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Excellent communicator: Communicates clearly and articulately both in writing and verbally.

Expected competencies, experience, and ministry skills

  • Master of Divinity degree.
  • Leadership in a church with similar staffing size and congregational size.
  • Vibrant and maturing faith.
  • Strong organization, administrative, communication (oral and written), and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated preaching skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to cultivate a culture of unity with staff, Session, and the congregation.
  • Peacemaker or other conflict resolution training.
  • Theological alignment with ECO tenets, polity, governance, and best practices.

How To Apply

Dear Applicant,

We are grateful that you are considering applying for the position of Senior Pastor at Carmel Presbyterian Church. Our Pastor Search Team, along with many staff and congregants, have been praying that God’s Spirit would move through us and through His choice for this position, and that He would make it abundantly clear who He wants to lead CPC. We hope that will be your prayer, also. We are excited about our future in glorifying God and connecting people to Christ.

If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to apply for this position, we ask that you make sure to submit the following items to [email protected]:

  1. A letter of introduction.
  2. An up to date resume.
  3. A completed set of questions (see next page).
  4. Links to 3 recent sermons.

Your application will be kept confidential and only shared with our Pastor Search Team. You will receive an email letting you know that we have received your completed application.

Yours in Christ,

The Pastor Search Team

Questions for Senior Pastor Applicants. Please be concise in answering.

  • Three of the foundational theological beliefs of ECO, A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, are Reformed, Evangelical and Egalitarian. Please explain how you understand these principles, whether you fully support them, and give examples of how your ministry has displayed these principles.
  • In our Church Profile, we state that Carmel Presbyterian Church “wants to grow young and we are looking for a senior pastor who can help us do it.” How will your ministry experiences and personal characteristics help us achieve this vision?
  • Carmel Presbyterian Church is looking for a Senior Pastor with a shepherd heart who will lovingly guide and equip our congregation to share God’s love both inside and outside of the church building. What does this mean to you and how might you use your gifts to be that kind of pastor?
  • Carmel Presbyterian Church has a very small staff who are dearly loved. How has your experience equipped you to build a strong team with staff? Please give examples of how you’ve put this into practice.