Student Ministry Pastor

Date Posted: July 15, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Sugar Grove Church
Goshen, IN, USA
Job Type: Ministry Director
Other Details

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,000

Location: Goshen, Indiana

The Role: Student Ministry Pastor


Meet Sugar Grove Church:

Sugar Grove Church has been around since 1849! In 1961, the denomination Sugar Grove Church was associated with told the church to remove any mention of the blood of Christ from the services and philosophy. Sugar Grove Church refused and withdrew from the denomination. The following Sunday, the congregation showed up to a padlocked building, repossessed by the denomination. A core group continued to meet in a different location for two years and then purchased the building back from the denomination. The Church that emerged was Biblically-based, Non-Denominational, and congregationally governed, and still is to this day.

About the Student Ministry Pastor:

Sugar Grove Church is looking for a Student Ministry Pastor who will come alongside our mission, vision, and values to lead our students to grow in Jesus, show Jesus with their lives, and go help others ​​become followers of Jesus.


Candidate Profile:

  • Gospel Motivation – The candidate must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a gospel-centered life. A robust understanding of salvation by grace through faith alone and a life of prayer and obedience must be evident in this leader’s life.
  • Biblical Theology – The candidate will have a strong grasp of interpreting and applying God’s Word. They will exemplify and teach out of their convictions regarding God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Scriptures. The candidate will show a track record of careful biblical interpretation, teaching the major themes of Scripture within the orbit of the overall biblical storyline.
  • Strategic Alignment –  The candidate will align with the mission, vision and values of Sugar Grove. They will seek to build their ministry in harmony with our values and evangelistic passion.
  • Spirit of Collaboration –  The candidate must love to work with a team. They will be a vital part of the Sugar Grove staff. They will play an integral role on the Family Ministry Team, which seeks to have a consistent, coherent strategy from Preschool to Young Adults.  And, of course, they will need to build a team of committed, well-trained, and loyal volunteers.
  • Eagerness to Equip – The candidate must have a passion to train teenagers for real life.  We want to make disciples who not only know the faith but live it, letting it shape their entire way of being in the world. We want to graduate students into the world who are grounded in the faith, trained to serve, and able to share their faith with others.
  • Love of Relationships – The candidate must have strong people skills and place a high value on relationships. Everything hinges on relationships; they are the conduit through which our gospel and leadership travel. This person will lead with relational influence, not lording it over students or volunteers. Moreover, this pastor must value strong relationships with other staff that they do not directly work with, and other churches and ministries with whom they may one day collaborate.
  • Robust Ecclesiology –  The candidate must love the church like Christ does, not just in principle but in practice. They must love the particulars of our local body, deficiencies and all. They must understand that the student ministry cannot exist as a separate silo; therefore, they will balance age-specific programming with intergenerational community and relationships.
  • Respect for the Family – The candidate must value the role parents play in their child’s spiritual formation. They must genuinely care about parents and work with the Family Ministry Team to provide tools to help parents integrate their faith into the rhythms of their family life.
  • Drive toward Expertise – The candidate must care deeply about student ministry – enough to continually learn and drive toward expertise in the field. This leader will be strong enough to hold deep convictions, humble enough to change and accommodate better thinking, and driven enough to strive for excellence.


Candidate Responsibilities:

  • Develop the Vision – The candidate will develop a clear, compelling, comprehensive vision for the ministry. This will include what they want the entire student ministry to be about, and what they want to see teenagers become by the time they graduate. This will be worked out with the Family Ministry Team, so that it dovetails with what comes earlier in our elementary department and what is to follow in the adult community.
  • Equip the Staff – Understanding the need to multiply oneself in others, this leader will equip and empower the Student Ministries Team, while also recruiting a growing team of volunteers for their area.
  • Execute the Plan – Working with the Family Ministry Team, the candidate will execute weekly ministry activities that are consistent with our mission, strategy and values. They will be trusted to build disciple-making environments for evangelism and spiritual growth based on the best practices available for reaching teenagers for Christ.
  • Coordinate the Teams – Staff members, ministry volunteers, parents and students are among the groups that need to be coordinated and communicated with effectively.
  • Guide the Organization – The candidate will be responsible for the administration of their departments: budgets, reviews, communications, strategic planning, and so forth. This leader does not need to do all the administrative tasks but must see to it that all the administrative tasks get done well and in a timely manner.

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Candidate Detailing:

  • Education – Prefer a minimum of a bachelor’s degree plus three to five years of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience – Related experience includes leading middle school and high school ministries, as well as teaching and leading volunteers.


What it’s like to live in Goshen, IN:

Goshen, IN, was named Community of the Year in 2017 by the Indiana Chamber for being a renowned leader in development, education, and culture. The city lives up to that title, being a well-known regional destination for arts, culture, and entertainment. Goshen’s historic downtown area hosts many restaurants, festivals, bike trails, outdoor shopping, First Fridays, and coffee options, and that is just to keep the list short. Need a quick getaway? With just a 2-hour drive to Chicago and 2 1/2 hours from Indianapolis, those living in Goshen can enjoy inner and outer city experiences. Its ideal location and Goshen’s low to moderate living costs make the city a great place to settle down and raise a family!

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