Transitional Pastor

Date Posted: November 19, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Carmel Presbyterian Church
Carmel, CA, USA
Job Type: Interim Pastor
Other Details

Transitional Pastor

Carmel Presbyterian Church, Carmel By the Sea, CA

Transitional Pastor Profile

Carmel Presbyterian Church is seeking a full-time Transitional Pastor whose ministry could preferably commence as of January, 2023. We are located in Carmel By the Sea on the Central Coast in the southern portion of Monterey Bay. CPC has been a consistent witness to the gospel for over 65 years. We have known for our strong youth ministry, robust mission support, and for our gifted and warm community of faith.  For more information about CPC, please visit us at www.carmelpres.org

Character and Personal Qualities:

  • Relational/Personable/Pastoral: Good at making immediate connections, approachable, and affable.
  • Relentlessly positive spirit: Casts a spirit of hope and anticipation of a flourishing church.
  • Intergenerational sensitivity: Awareness of the needs across generations, in particular that honors both the desire for classical/tradition worship as well as those who desire a more contemporary worship style.
  • Staff Sensitivity: Can provide leadership, counsel and comfort to our staff in this time of transition and uncertainty.
  • Prayerful: Constantly reminds us that it is the Lord who is sovereign and reigns over His church.

Competencies, Experience and Ministry Skills:

  • Bible Teaching/Preaching: Adequately offers biblical substance for the soul with contemporary relevance.
  • Peacemaker: Trained in conflict management and resolution. Strength in handling difficult conversations. Strong leadership – decisive and direct.
  • Transitional Pastor Experience: Sees their primary call to be a Transitional Pastor with at least two prior, successful pastorates. Ideally one of these Transitional Pastorates was of similar size to CPC [approximately 300 CPs]. Prior senior pastor experience expected.
  • Consultation Continuity: Complete the transitional consulting work begun under Mike Barris in order to pave the way for a new Senior Pastor.
  • Team Builder: Model team formation within the staff, the Session and between staff and the Session.
  • Organizational/Administrative Skills: Provide a functional clarity of roles and responsibilities for staff and elders in a newly, aligned organizational structure.
  • Effective Communication: Provide frequent and timely congregational updates, create congregational listening opportunities, facilitate communication between leadership, staff and congregation.
  • ECO Connections: Knowledge of ECO polity/governance/best practices.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preach approximately 60 to 75% of the Sundays, and schedule opportunities for staff, gifted lay leaders, and guest preachers for the remaining Sundays.
  • As Head of Staff, supervise the staff:
    • Provide overall pastoral and operational leadership.
    • Support staff’s continuing staff-health and staff-culture improvement efforts.
  • Build on and complete the work begun under our consultant. This work would include…
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities between staff and the Session.
    • Addressing the relational misunderstanding and distrust that exists between staff and Session.
    • Bringing the governance structure in alignment with ECO best practices.
    • Contributing to the creation of a vibrant Serve culture.
    • Producing maximum staff and ministry team alignment with approved CPC mission and vision.
  • Serve as Moderator of the session:
    • Moderate session meetings in accordance with ECO policy, CPC bylaws, and all governance principles, policies and process established by the session.
    • Support the session in continuing efforts to develop/live into its governance framework, leadership covenant, and revised meeting/decision-making structure.
    • Effectively communicate timely updates between Session and staff, as well as the congregation as a whole.
    • Supervise and encourage our staff team
  • Provide leadership, counsel and listening ear to our staff as they consider their roles at CPC.
  • Address staffing needs shortage. (i.e. We have lost considerable staff in our youth ministry)
  • Review our current 10-year vision statement and 3 years goals, Vision Frame, and MissionInsite report in order to:
    • Provide support and counsel in the development of a Church Profile for use in the Senior Pastor search.
    • Work with the Session and Staff to determine what we can accomplish during this transitional period in anticipation of a new Senior Pastor.
    • Work with the Session and Staff to address any issues or roadblocks that may prevent CPC from accomplishing the above.

Position Reporting: The Transitional Pastor will report to the session of CPC.

Length of Position: The Transitional Pastor position is a temporary position, with an estimated duration of 12 months. The Transitional Pastor will not be eligible to become the new Senior Pastor or remain on staff at CPC.

How To Apply

Inquiry Process: To apply for this position, please contact us via email and include a current resume outlining your experience and relevant qualifications. In addition, please provide succinct responses to the following:

  1. Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ. How do you live out your faith in everyday life?
  2. Tell us about 2 or 3 experiences in your personal history that would translate to success in this role.
  3. What is most motivating or compelling about the Transitional Pastor position?
  4. Briefly explain your approach to encouraging introspection and change to a congregation as well as the staff and Session.

Please submit all materials to: [email protected]