Worship and Ministry Leader

Date Posted: May 4, 2023
Hours Per Week: 26
Covenant Community Church
East Sandwich, MA, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor,Music or Worship Director
Other Details

Qualities & Responsibilities


  • Be a disciple of Jesus Christ and love His church.
  • Be a motivated self-starter eager to be involved.


  • Lead all musical aspects of our Sunday morning worship service including leading up front.
  • Recruit, train, and lead the worship team.
  • Select songs and music and craft the Sunday morning worship experience.
  • Seek out and schedule members of congregation to do special music during services.
  • Meet with the pastoral team weekly to review, plan, and pray.
  • Run a weekly worship practice.
  • Be familiar with current contemporary worship music and the classic hymns of our faith for purposes of selecting songs for our worship service.
  • Organize all sheet music and keep the worship space in the sanctuary clean and organized.
  • Oversee all audio and visual components of our worship ministry (sound board team, projection team, musical equipment needs, livestreaming, etc.).
  • Be familiar with music theory.
  • Have a regular personal practice time for learning new songs and working on your craft.

Children and Youth

  • Plan and implement a weekly or bi-weekly children’s ministry.
    • This could be an existing ministry (Awana, Pioneer Girls/Boys Brigade, etc.) or something you develop on your own. It could include crafts, music, games, and a bible teaching time.
    • Communicate with parents to come up with what works best for all involved.
  • Schedule, organize, and lead a monthly activity for our youth. It could be a special off campus activity or something at the church.
  • Seek out opportunities to mentor and spend time with our teens. At some point down the road a weekly bible study/discipleship time run or overseen by candidate would be great.


  • Website updates, improvements, and potential change.
  • Social media updates.
  • Email updates.
  • Research and possibly implement getting our services on more than just Facebook.

How To Apply

Contact Pastor Pete Axelson [email protected].