Worship Coordinator

Date Posted: August 21, 2023
Hours Per Week: 12-15
Harvest Community Church
Huntersville, NC, USA
Job Type: Music or Worship Director
Other Details

We are seeking a part-time Worship Coordinator to develop and lead the worship/music ministries of the church, with an expected workload of 12-15 hours/week, but could grow into a full-time position in the future. Experience in a multi-staff setting is preferred.

Job responsibilities include the following:

  1. Oversee all aspects of music and worship, including support teams (a/v presentation, lighting, live streaming, etc.).
  2. Develop our worship team(s), including recruiting, training, and caring for the team members.
  3. Lead the congregation in worship and develop worship leaders.
  4. Help plan and lead regular and special services.
  5. Help develop music ministry among children and students (VBS, special groups, etc.).

Job Expectations:

This position is task-oriented rather than hours-oriented. Compensation will be given as a salary rather than hourly wages and will be based on an expected typical work week of 12-15 hours. However, to help give an idea of how one might spend time, this section gives further details about what the job responsibilities might look like in a typical week (average number of hours follow in parentheses).

  1. Preparation for public worship services
    1. Personal planning and preparation (2)
    2. Meeting with staff (1-2)
    3. Rehearsing with team (2-3)
    4. Team development outside of rehearsals (1-2)
    5. Sunday preparation (1-2)
  2. Musical support for special services/events (e.g. men’s retreat, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, prayer vigils) (1).  Obviously, these events are seasonal and sporadic; one might go two months with zero hours, then spend 15 hours in two weeks, but over the course of the year it should not exceed 52 hours total.
  3. Staff functions
    1. Staff meetings (1)
    2. Staff retreat (annual, two days)
  4. Miscellaneous (1)
    1. Regular attendance at normal church functions designed for the entire body is expected, whether or not the Coordinator has specific responsibilities.  These would include such events as weekly worship services (10:30 am) and Corporate Prayer services (9:30 am Sundays), and monthly prayer emphases.
    2. What “counts” as “work” and what is considered normal church life?  This is not an issue for full-time staff members, but here are the general guidelines for this part-time staff position:  Any event for which the Coordinator provides service that requires time beyond that expected of a faithful church member counts as work hours, but the church event itself does not.  E.g. On a Sunday morning, the Worship Coordinator typically arrives early to prepare for sound check and stays after services for tearing down or debriefing with others.  Work hours would include the time spent in preparation BEFORE the services and tearing down afterward, but not the time spent during the prayer and worship services themselves.  This is where a ministry position differs from a secular part-time job, as it recognizes the spiritual value of being part of a body and participating in the corporate life of that body on a regular basis, just as any committed Christian does, but rewards the staff member for extra work required to help execute those events.  

How To Apply

If interested, please contact Niki Powers at [email protected].