Worship Director

Date Posted: March 21, 2023
Hours Per Week: 25
Trinitarian Congregational Church
Wayland, MA, USA
Job Type: Music or Worship Director
Other Details

TCC is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic family-oriented church in the Greater Wayland area in Metro-West.  As an historic church steeped in the New England orthodox Protestant tradition of renewal and revival, TCC seeks to equip disciples of all age for Gospel ministry in a pluralistic context. We are a sending church, innovating and creating opportunities to proclaim the Gospel both at the local and global level.

Trinitarian Congregational Church (TCC) is located within the suburban town of Wayland, MA, located 15 miles west of Boston. We are an independent orthodox protestant congregation of 300 members. Our worship services are blended, cherishing richness of traditional hymns and the freshness of contemporary worship music. We are currently in an exciting time of change and growth here at TCC and we are looking for a Holy Spirit led Worship Director to lead with a creative and encouraging spirit. Our Worship Director must have a passion for music and its role in congregational worship, but also a passion for evangelism and discipleship.

For more information about TCC and our values and beliefs, please visit our website: https://www.tccwayland.org/about.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Directs the ministry of music and worship.
  • Recruits and trains musicians, leads Sunday morning rehearsals, organizes volunteer schedules and musician rotation, and disciples volunteers both musically and spiritually.
  • Oversees technical aspects of worship and live-streaming and supervises Worship/Tech Assistant.
  • Works with Worship/Tech Assistant to recruit and train tech team members, working closely with sound and screen operators to ensure that the tech demands of Sunday worship are met.
  • Manages all aspects of worship planning, including identifying and scheduling volunteers to be a part of the worship service through scripture reading, prayer, hosting, greeting, and other special features.
  • Works closely with the Senior Pastor to create compelling theologically rich and biblically faithful worship services centered around the sermon theme.

The Worship Director will need the following traits:

  • A deep love for Jesus Christ and His people.
  • A passion for music and the role it plays in congregational worship, maintaining the priority of congregational song.
  • Cooperativeness in working on a team of people who are involved in planning and leading worship.
  • Ability to energize the worship of a community that is grounded in the great hymns of the past, the current expressions of worship, and the songs emerging from the poets and musicians of Trinitarian.
  • Imagination to generate ideas about which songs, scripts, prayers, and elements will engage a congregation with the power and meaning of a given scriptural theme.



  • Working knowledge of the history and theology of Christian worship.
  • Knowledge of the broad spectrum of Christian music, from classical to contemporary.
  • Training in and proficiency in leading musical ensembles.


  • Proficiency as a pianist.
  • Proficiency in choral conducting.
  • 3-5 years experience in church music and worship leadership.
  • Academic degree in Music.

How To Apply

Email your resume to Jen Calverley, Manager of Operations, [email protected].