Youth Pastor

Date Posted: January 5, 2021
Hours Per Week: 20
New Mercy Community Church
Hackensack, New Jersey, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

The Youth Ministry pastor position is a part-time/half-time position responsible for ministry to Youth from sixth through 12th grade, and corresponding ministry activities that bless their families and community. We are looking for people who are passionate about the formation of our youth and has a calling in this space. We believe in the intergenerational model of Christian Education.

Ministry Description
Organize, oversee and implement all aspects of Youth ministry.
Recruit/train teachers and volunteers.
Partner with other ministry teams and staff to strengthen Youth, parents, and families in our community.

General Pastoral Duties
Staff meetings Sunday presence at worship

Other avenues of ministry as needed and/or desired.

Possible preaching/teaching opportunities as needed/desiredAccountability and Support
Work together with the Pastoral team
Elder/Pastor oversight
Year end review with Session

20-30 hours/Week Pay: TBD

More Info:
To apply (please send us a cover letter and resume) or for more information, please email [email protected].



The Bible reveals one irreducible fact: God is for broken people.

Passage after passage reveal a God who embraces the broken-hearted, the marginalized, the oppressed, the sick and the sinners. We at NMHC believe God has called us to place this foundational truth at the core of our ministry.

New Mercy Community Church launched on 10/10/10 as A Church for the Broken. Employing a unique, round-table team leadership model, this staff of colleagues and friends labored to bring the gospel into this region. We are a church made of broken people, that seeks to grow, welcome and serve other broken people, with the radical love Christ has shown us. Ultimately, this means we are a church called to love and embrace everyone. As a church, we are committed to an “open door” policy that serves our local neighbors and the global community in an effort to reveal the gospel\’s redemptive power in our lives and of those around us.


There is no question – Jesus Christ is the head of the church and our desire is to follow Him and become more like Him.

The body reflects the strengths and weaknesses of its most senior leader. Recognizing this potential weakness in the traditional church model, the founders of New Mercy established the church with a round-table leadership paradigm: instead of a senior pastor, we have a team of multiple co-pastors who work in conjunction with senior lay-leaders. This group collectively functions as New Mercy\’s \”senior pastor.\”

This team-based leadership structure is configured to maximize the leaders’ strengths while overcoming their weaknesses. Not only does this structure provide accountability but it also serves as a support group for those pastors and leaders, which is absent in many models of church leadership today. We believe this model achieves better overall health for the church.

How To Apply

Please send in Resume: [email protected]