Youth Pastor

Date Posted: June 10, 2021
Hours Per Week: 40
LifePointe Church
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Job Type: Ministry Director,Youth Pastor
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The youth pastor is our champion of student ministries! Leading as an important member of a greater ministry team including both volunteers and church staff, the youth pastor\’s work is united with the shared mission and vision of the whole church. As with all Director-level positions at LifePointe, it is expected that the youth pastor’s efforts will be carried out in alignment with the equipping model of ministry found in Ephesians 4:11-16. This means investing in the training, development and release of leaders for ministry at all levels.

Student Ministries at LifePointe

Consisting of families with Middle School and High School students, LifePointe Student Ministries exists to engage youth in the unexpected joy of a life more and more dependent on Jesus. This focus, in close alignment with the mission and vision of the entire church, will enable the work of God to thrive in the families of our students, youth ministry volunteers, and throughout the church and broader community of Northern Colorado. The gospel of Jesus Christ will accomplish this!

Essential Duties

  1. Gospel-centered discipleship of students in both large-group and small-group opportunities that are safe, inviting and FUN for both current and new students, regardless of church background
  2. Volunteer team development to include recruitment, training and shepherding
  3. “Behind-the-scenes” leadership enabling effective planning, organization and communication
  4. Create both local and global Mission and serving opportunities for students
  5. Team-up with parents in communication and student discipleship

Candidate Requirements

  1. Demonstrate the growing faith and character as described for an Elder in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3, and Galatians 5:22-23, including the skills of teaching and leadership
  2. Calling: youth ministry calling is clearly visible and articulated, as well as confirmable by references
  3. Commit fully and without reservation to the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of LifePointe Church
  4. Embrace LifePointe as your “home church” and (with immediate family, if applicable) be fully-invested to join in membership at LifePointe
  5. Possess internally-motivated, self-starter mentality and gifting to passionately steward opportunities and resources for growing students in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  6. Willingness and ability to love and serve the church through effective planning and organization
  7. Spiritual maturity and wisdom to confidentially handle sensitive situations and information, including the responsibilities of a “mandated reporter” of child abuse and neglect
  8. Learn and operate all applicable platforms and systems for communicating at LifePointe Church
  9. Education: preference for Bachelor’s degree, Bible training and/or Seminary
  10. Experience: minimum 3 years’ experience as the primary leader of a student ministry, or other equivalent leadership experience

LifePointe Church in Fort Collins, CO | for more info, visit sharethelife.org 

LifePointe Church is located in Fort Collins, CO, and averages between 400 and 500 in weekly engagement. Located less than a mile from Colorado State University and one hour from Rocky Mountain National Park, we are a multi-generational church with approximately 70 youth-group aged students.

How To Apply

Interested in becoming LifePointe’s next youth pastor? We recommend visiting us at sharethelife.org/jobs. Please review the job description; if that sounds like you, gather and send (preferably in PDF format) the following items to [email protected]:

  1. Cover letter (photo appreciated)
  2. Resume
  3. Personal Testimony (please include BOTH how you came to trust Jesus, AND how you were called to youth ministry)