About MinistryList.com


Our Mission

The mission of MinistryList.com, in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Placement at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, involves both empowering Christians and equipping the Church. The site serves as a resource for GCTS alumni and other Christians in their search for ministry positions, while simultaneously providing ministries with quality advertising and candidates to service their needs.

It is our firm conviction that God wants to use each Christian’s gifts and education to build the Church for His glory (Ephesians 4:11–16). Thus, the objective of MinistryList.com is to facilitate the placement process, so that the Christian’s gifts are put to work and the Church is built up, all to the glory of God.

How We Achieve This Mission

MinistryList.com accomplishes its mission by providing Gordon-Conwell’s alumni and other Christians, along with ministries worldwide, excellent information and resources. Each individual and ministry has a different placement process with a wide variety of priorities, questions and preferences. MinistryList.com seeks to provide valuable resources during this placement process to effectively address these needs.

MinistryList.com provides abundant resources for churches and ministries. Through the Ministry List, ministries can advertise their open position to be viewed by the many job seekers accessing the site. For ministry candidates, the benefits are obvious. The Ministry List provides thorough information on the latest ministry openings around the world.

It is our prayer that MinistryList.com be a valuable tool to serve Christians and build up Christ’s Church worldwide, all to the glory of God.