Associate Minister

Date Posted: July 11, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Northpointe Community Church
DeWitt, MI, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Become the Associate Minister at Northpointe Community Church in DeWitt, Michigan, partnering with the Lead Pastor to guide pastoral care, discipleship, and community engagement while communicating biblical truths. Nestled in the heart of family-centric DeWitt, enjoy access to outdoor activities like hiking and golf, well-kept neighborhoods, and friendly locals who cherish quality education and community bonds.

  • Align with the church’s core values of Scripture authority, unity of believers, humor, and teamwork as you equip leaders, strategize impactful initiatives, and foster spiritual growth within a vibrant, welcoming church environment.
  • Demonstrate your communication skills, strategic thinking, and commitment to empowering others for ministry and leadership development.
  • Utilize your skills in ministry leadership, strategic planning, and effective communication to enhance the church’s impact and empower the community to live out their faith authentically and purposefully.
  • Lead the discipleship/groups ministry, implement impactful community events and initiatives, and advise staff using wisdom and experience through a hands-on approach that balances discipleship with community reach and engagement.
  • Embody qualities of humility, hunger for growth, and interpersonal savvy as you navigate ministry management, process optimization, and community engagement within a supportive and cohesive church environment.

Join Northpointe Community Church in their mission to guide individuals toward a life fully committed to Christ through the “Own, See, Share” vision, emphasizing relational growth and spiritual progress within a supportive community. Grounded in foundational principles, this church values Scripture authority, unity, humor, and teamwork, creating an environment where individuals can connect deeply with Christ and one another.

How To Apply

Apply today and contribute to creating a vibrant, welcoming, and spiritually enriching space where individuals can deepen their connection with Christ and one another.