Associate Pastor for Youth

Date Posted: January 13, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Cornerstone, an Evangelical Free Church
Annandale, VA, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor,Youth Pastor
Other Details

Cornerstone, an Evangelical Free Church (cornerstoneefree.org) is a congregation of about 160 members in the Washington, DC suburb of Annandale, VA. The church is affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America. We are seeking an Associate Pastor for Youth to minister to and to disciple our teens!

Ministry Focus:

The primary focus for this position will be ministry among middle and high school students and their parents, both in our church and in our community. After an appropriate period of focused ministry on youth, as determined in consultation with the Lead Pastor and Elders and on the basis of his gifts and inter­ests and of the needs of the church, he may be involved in other areas of church ministry.  The primary focus, however, will remain on ministry to youth.

He will exercise his ministry in conjunction with the purpose of the church, which is “to build a community of grace and truth for ministry and mission to the glory of God.\” Our desire is to see the gospel inform all that we do, as we seek to obedient to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.


The qualifications for a Pastor at Cornerstone are defined by the church’s Bylaws. They are:

  • The Pastor will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, will exhibit an exemplary Christian walk, including the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and will meet the qualifications for overseers set out in I Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • If he is married, his marriage will be stable, his relationship with his family will be an exemplary Christian testimony, and there will be evidence that he properly leads his family by precept and example.
  • He will know his spiritual gift or gifts and will be diligently exercising the same. (Romans 12; I Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4)
  • He will be well prepared for his office by education, training, and experience. (A master\’s level degree (especially an M.Div.) is preferred. Solid theological training and a minimum of two years’ experience in youth ministry leadership in a church is expected.)
  • He will be ordained, or eligible to seek ordination upon the satisfaction of applicable time requirements.
  • He will be sure of his call to the ministry and will have a vision for his office.
  • He will be in full accord with the statement of faith in Article II of the Constitution of this church and will accept and work within the organizational structure set forth in Cornerstone’s Constitution and Bylaws.

In addition to the above, we are seeking a candidate that has a passion for ministry to teens and their parents and has a deep awareness of current youth culture and the unique challenges they are facing.

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. In line with the ministry of our church, he will seek to build an intentional process of disci­ple ­making, with several sequential levels—from interesting students in the gospel and lead­ing them to faith, to grounding them in the truth of the gospel and the basics of the Christian life, to developing them in Christian character, to helping them to exercise their spiritual gifts and training them in min­istry skills, to deploying them in ministry so that they become involved in some level in this process of disciplemaking. He will seek to create opportunities at each of these levels. Our desire is to see each student own their faith in preparation for the next stage of life.
  2. He will oversee all ministries of the church directed particularly to middle and high school aged students. This includes Sunday School, weekly youth meetings, mis­sions trips and retreats.
  3. He will be responsible for the recruitment and training of all adult leaders in these various ministries.
  4. He will formulate annual goals for his ministry in conjunction with the Lead Pastor.
  5. At the beginning of each school year he will establish a calendar of the major events of the youth ministry for the coming year.
  6. He will seek to maintain good communication with the parents about the various youth ac­tivities, through such means as a quarterly newsletter and regular meetings. This communica­tion is particularly important when major projects are being planned.
  7. He will work closely with the Children\’s Ministries Director and others to discover and develop the youth\’s gifts and to encourage them to use those gifts to serve.

Lines of Accountability:

  1. The Associate Pastor for Youth will report directly to the Lead Pastor. As with the entire pastoral staff, he will also be under the oversight of the Elders.
  2. He will present to the congregation a written annual report in March of each year.
  3. In March of each year he will receive an evaluation by the Lead Pastor, which will include an assessment of the annual goals and a review of this job description.
  4. He will not accept appointment or nomination to boards or committees outside the local church without prior approval from the Lead Pastor. However, involvement in the EFCA at the local, District and National levels will be encouraged.
  5. He will meet with the Elders at their regular meetings (as he is available and at the dis­cretion of the Chairman), but will not have a vote when decisions are made.
  6. The terms for calling and dismissal of the Associate Pastor will be the same as for the Lead Pastor as described in Article II.E. of the church bylaws, with the additional provision concerning the call of a new Lead Pastor in Article II.F.

How To Apply

Send introduction and resume to [email protected].