Campus Pastor

Date Posted: December 6, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Community Church
Greensburg, IN, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

Purpose Statement

To provide point leadership, vision-casting, and care to a local Community Church congregation while providing leadership to specific organizational ministries.

Reports to

Lead Pastor

Work Schedule

Generally, Sunday through Thursday, salaried, full-time

Role Overview

This role serves as the primary leader at a Community Church Campus. Using principles of excellence and engagement, this role will work with the Leadership Team to help create a church that works toward creating a community where ALL people can connect to God’s Story. This role will help shape the experiences provided by the Community Church to shift people’s thinking to be more like Jesus so they can take their next step of faith in following Him.

Responsibilities Under Your Supervision

  • Local Campus Staff.
  • Local Campus Facility.
  • Local Campus Ministries such as Community Kids, Guest Services, etc.
  • Select Organizational-wide Ministries such as Community Groups, Adult Discipleship, etc.
  • Local Congregant Care.
  • Local Community Outreach and Involvement Areas with Which You Will Collaborate.
  • Leadership Team (including Lead Pastor, other Campus Pastors, and Worship Director).
  • Missions and Outreach Team.
  • Sunday Morning Communication.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Lead Local Campus Staff

  • Provide point leadership to the staff.
  • Help direct reports develop objectives and key results within their ministry areas.
  • Care for the well-being and spiritual health of direct reports.

2. Oversee Campus Facility

  • Provide oversight for facility usage.
  • Work with the Facility Team to oversee facility care and maintenance.

3. Local Campus Ministries

  • Provide direction to local campus ministries, including Community Kids and Guest Services.
  • Help recruit volunteers for local campus ministries.
  • Work with other Campus Pastors and Ministry Assistants to maintain an effective assimilation process.
  • Maintain an understanding of the functioning of ministries at the local campus.
  • Ensure the campus environment meets organizational standards and implements overall organizational best practices.

4. Select Organizational Ministries

  • Provide leadership and vision to specific organizational-wide ministries, which includes working cross-campus with volunteers for specific ministry areas.
  • Maintain a personal presence, when possible, for Organizational-wide Ministry Events.

5. Local Campus Care

  • Work with the Care Team to provide congregant care, as needed, through hospital visits, personal visits, and phone calls.
  • Develop meaningful relationships within the congregation.

6. Local Community Outreach and Involvement

  • Find new ways to effectively reach out to the local community.
  • Build relationships with key community leaders, city officials, and others in the faith community.

7. Other Responsibilities

  • Serve on the Leadership Team alongside the Lead Pastor, other Campus Pastor(s), and Worship Director(s) to provide visionary leadership to the Community Church organization.
  • Participate in providing feedback during weekly Sermon Previews.
  • Serve on the rotation of speaking/preaching with oversight from the Lead Pastor.


  • Loves Jesus and the vision of our church of creating a community where ALL people can connect to God’s Story.
  • Personally practices the four habits of engagement (Living, Serving, Giving, Inviting).
  • Builds teams and inspires people to take action.
  • Invests routinely in personal and spiritual growth.
  • Thinks strategically and critically.
  • Self-starter who takes initiative to evaluate and improve.
  • Provide direction, feedback, and opportunities to others.
  • Develops, implements, and improves systems, steps, and teams.
  • Manages organizational and personal finances well.
  • Connects with and values others on a personal level.
  • Agrees with Community Church’s Statement of Beliefs.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.

How To Apply

Please direct all applications through MinistryHub and any inquiries to [email protected].

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