Worship Minister

Date Posted: June 21, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Capitol City Church
Lincoln, NE, USA
Job Type: Music or Worship Director
Other Details

Capitol City Church
Lincoln, NE

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 550

Location: Lincoln, NE

The Role: Worship Minister

Capitol City Worship; Meet Capitol City Church:

At Capitol City Christian Church, we believe Jesus is central. Everything in our church revolves around Him, and He is the main focus.

God has given every church a mission – to make disciples of all nations. Capitol City Christian Church exists to glorify Jesus Christ by proclaiming the good news of God’s salvation plan to Lincoln, Nebraska, and the world. We desire to inspire people to repent and trust in him, to grow through daily obedience and worship, all while loving our neighbors as God has loved us.

About the Worship Minister:

The Worship Minster works under the Sr. Minster to provide pastoral leadership to the music and creative arts ministries of the church, shepherding the congregation to glorify God through all aspects of worship.

Capitol City Service; The Worship Minister’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Oversees the planning, leadership, and execution of all worship services at Capitol City.
  • Plan the corporate worship services of the church in collaboration with the Sr. Minster, doing so with prayer, theological sensitivity, and musical skill.
  • Shepherd the congregation toward wholehearted engagement in worship services, especially in corporate singing.
  • Articulate the long-term vision for Capitol City’s worship ministry to the worship ministry team and volunteers.
  • Recruit, train, and care or all worship and creative arts ministry Volunteers.
  • Provide personal coaching, encouragement, and team development opportunities for all worship and creative arts ministry volunteers.
  • Recruit, assess, and engage new worship and creative arts ministry volunteers as they become necessary and available.
  • Foster and lead in a disciple-making culture within the worship and creative arts ministry teams, aligning with the disciple-making culture and strategy of the church-at-large.
  • Provide guidance and direction with worship environments and services in other ministry areas (i.e., children, and student ministries).
  • Ensure that the aim, values, and direction of all worship environments align with the aim, values, and direction of the church’s worship and creative arts ministries.
  • Utilize worship environments in other ministry areas to develop volunteers and leaders for the long-term health and viability of the worship and creative arts ministries, and the church as a whole.
  • Cultivate a vision for strategic communication, both within the body of Capitol City and within the broader community.
  • Work with the staff to process what needs to be communicated to the church family and community.
  • Develop a 3-month schedule for written and digital communication.
  • Explore new communication platforms that would allow the church to communicate more effectively within Capitol City and the broader community, and engage these new platforms as deemed helpful.
  • Execute plans for strategic communication within the body of Capitol City and with the broader community.
  • Discern what tools are best for different communication items, and employ these tools to execute effective communication.
  • Develop, create, and execute regular communication within worship gatherings, as well as through the website, social media, the weekly email, bulletin, Atrium media, and other new tools as deemed helpful.

Key Interactions

  • Reports to the Senior Pastor
  • Works with the ministry staff to shepherd, teach, and disciple the church at large.
  • Leads the congregation in corporate worship when possible.

Key Deliverable

  • Welcoming, engaging, Christ-honoring worship services for all ages.
  • A thriving, growing team of volunteers serving the church through worship and creative arts.
  • A culture of discipleship and development within the worship and creative arts ministries.

Capitol City Worship Team; What You Bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Worship Minister:

Education & Experience

  • Undergraduate degree, preferred.
  • 2+ years of ministry experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • High level of musical proficiency.
  • Ability to play an instrument.
  • Ability to play with in-ears.
  • Ability to read a chord chart or number system.
  • Ability to engage and lead the congregation in worship.
  • Compelling up-front communication and leadership skills.
  • Foundational knowledge of Christian theology.
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations.
  • Understanding of the alignment with the church’s mission and discipleship strategy.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Hard worker
  • Visionary, mission-focused
  • Driven
  • Desires to grow and to help others grow
  • Team-builder
  • Humble
  • Spiritual maturity

Capitol City Student Worship
What it’s Like to Live in Lincoln, NE:

As the state capital and home of the University of Nebraska, the city of Lincoln is a vibrant community and a great place to live. The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce has accurately described Lincoln as “the perfect mix of good people, interesting places, and a diverse range of things to do.” With a population of 284,000 people, Lincoln is both big-city equipped and small-town friendly.

We are an economically healthy city that provides job opportunities in healthcare, industry, and public services. Lincoln is known as the Silicon Prairie due to the number of start-ups in the tech industry. Our city consistently maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Education is a priority in Lincoln. We have a very strong public school system as well as several private schools. In addition to the university, Lincoln is home to four private colleges and two community colleges.

Our city is family-friendly, sports-oriented, and is nationally recognized as one of the healthiest and cleanest cities to live in. Lincoln is home to many beautiful parks and miles of bike trails that make outdoor activities easily accessible. The Folsom Children’s Zoo is world-class and has recently expanded. Public swimming pools, the Lincoln Children’s Museum and historical museums provide other family-friendly activities. The Haymarket and Railyard, in downtown Lincoln, are home to great restaurants, theater and the Pinnacle Bank Arena. And, honestly, there is nothing quite like Lincoln on a football Saturday when the “sea of red” gathers in Memorial Stadium.

Lincolnites are welcoming and generous toward a steady stream of refugees looking for a fresh start in our community. This creates a healthy diversity of people and cultures in our city. There is a strong relationship between local churches and the community, which has allowed First Free Church to meet specific needs and to form meaningful relationships.