College Pastor

Date Posted: February 25, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Solid Rock Church
Claremont, CA, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor,Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions,Residency
Other Details

Title: College Pastor/Pastoral Resident

Is this you?

Are you passionate about seeing collegians know the love they were made for? Do you want to join a close-knit team of pastors to learn from and live on mission with? Are you interested in an exciting opportunity to grow a booming college fellowship into a fully established church plant? If you answered yes to the previous questions, consider joining Solid Rock Church as the next leader of its college ministry, first love!

The role

The college pastor/pastoral resident (depending on experience) will be in charge of first love, our college ministry at the Claremont Colleges. Students at the Claremont Colleges are extremely talented (with acceptance rates to the colleges below 10%), diverse (majority of students are of color, over 15% are international), and unreached (with less than 2% of students actively participating in Christian life at the colleges). The ratio of Christian ministries to students on campus is 1:2000, amongst the lowest in the nation. It is not an overstatement to say that the colleges may be one of the most unreached college campuses in the United States, but also one with unique possibilities in terms of growth and multiplication to the rest of the world (because of the talent and diversity of the student body). The role of the college pastor will be to oversee the growing fellowship, and establish it as a fully autonomous church plant.

About us

Solid Rock Church exists to create groups of disciple-missonaries who love the Pomona Valley. We are passionate about training leaders and seeing the Pomona Valley become saturated with new church plants. Everything we do is in the context of relationships, and if you join our team you will be joining a family of leaders who are on mission together.

For more info on Solid Rock Church, check out solidrock.us.

For more info on first love, check out firstlove5c.com


  • Create a strategic vision for bringing God’s kingdom to the colleges, and rally students together to execute that strategy and see the kingdom come closer.
  • Oversee the core leadership team (“vision team”) of the ministry.
    • Lead team meetings, mentor students 1:1, coach them on their coordinator roles, and plan biweekly hangouts for the group to grow together as a family on mission, that will act as the heartbeat for the rest of the fellowship.
  • Oversee the general student leadership team.
    • Recruit, train, coach, love, and appreciate student leaders, so that they can be God’s hands and feet to share the good news of Jesus at the colleges.
  • Counsel general students as needed.
  • Oversee all preaching and teaching for the fellowship, through large groups, seminars, and academic discussions that declare the glory of God.
  • Plan and host student retreats, where the students build relationships, hear good news, and grow as an Acts 2 community
  • Maintain the already robust budget through appreciating donors, and raise funds as necessary for new strategic aims through grant writing and support raising.
  • Bring on new people to join the fellowship in order to help with mentoring students, fulfill new roles, and ultimately plant first love college church plant, to do faithful gospel ministry at the Claremont Colleges for generations to come.


  • Heart for collegians: the ideal candidate will have experience with and a love for college ministry through their own experience in college ministry and/or serving a college ministry.
  • Humble: the ideal candidate will be someone with a humble and teachable spirit, who is willing to learn. While we welcome and desire experience, our more important criteria is a willingness to learn to minister to the unique ministry challenges of the Claremont Colleges, and work together with a team of pastors at Solid Rock Church. The candidate will also need to be able to work with and listen to the desires of the students, making sure they feel and are indeed heard in all decision making processes.
  • Strategic thinker: the ideal candidate will also be an independent thinker that can create their own unique ideas for how to achieve God’s kingdom at the Claremont Colleges, and iterate and pivot as necessary. While first love is already established and growing, there is certainly more to be done and a lot of creativity that will be needed to bring it to be a thriving, established church plant.
  • Spirit-led: the ideal candidate will lead and make decisions from a place of spiritual health. They will prioritize their relationship with Jesus and make decisions slowly and through prayer and fasting, as appropriate.
  • Leader: the ideal candidate will need to be able to rally students and adults together for the vision of first love and Solid Rock at the Claremont Colleges. This is a ministry that will require many hands and as such, the pastor for this ministry will need to be a leader.
  • Relational: the ideal candidate will be able to create tight bonds with Solid Rock Church staff, body, first love students, and the administration of the Claremont Colleges. This is a ministry driven by relationships, and thus the leader will need to be able to create and maintain strong bonds with many different stakeholders and players.

Qualifications for employment with Solid Rock Church include having made a life commitment to Jesus Christ, agreement with Solid Rock’s vision, mission, strategy and beliefs and have a work history and a lifestyle that are consistent with biblical principles.

How To Apply

If you feel a leading from the Lord to consider joining His mission in Claremont, apply here: https://airtable.com/shrmNeJ7R1R83GuZY